Aug 12 2017

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Video to Photo Grabber


Video to Photo app helps you export photos from videos in a quick, intuitive and fun way.

How Video to Photo App can help you?

* Great for getting a picture from a video!

Chances are you like to extract photos from videos, or choose a representative image of your video or movie as the album cover or wallpaper, you can browse through the video frame by frame to get the best scenery or picture you need. You can extract up to 30 different pictures of a one second video recorded with your iPhone or iPad and save them as 1080p full HD pictures.

* The cumbersome photo videocam modes switching.

Your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch has an excellent camera allows you to take photos or record videos. It happens when you hesitate which mode to choose sometimes. With the Video to Photo App, it is no longer a dilemma to choose one between the two. You can simply choose to take a video as Video to Photo can help you easily extract any static photos or images from the video. So you can get both photos and videos at the same time.

* The point-and-shoot way is too slow with fast moving subjects

Video to Photo helps you take better pictures of fast moving objects (cars, sports, dance and so on). We know that it is most likely to blur the subject when you take photos of fast moving sports using your iPhone, iPad or iPod. And your iOS devices do not have the features or settings you can use when taking pictures of fast moving objects. With Video to Photo app you can take up to 1,800 pictures a minute, you will certainly have a better chance of getting excellent candid shoots than you would with the regular iPhone camera, you can shoot any sport events, or simply take good photos of your child who will never sit or stand still.

* Recover Photos from Recorded Videos

Sometimes you want to take a photo, but you may accidentally enter the video mode and shoot a video. Video to Photo app comes to help you recover photos from the recorded videos. You do not need to convert your recorded videos to photos or take photos again, you can simply extract any photos from existing videos.

* Taking a photo of yourself and your family or friends

This is a common yet difficult issue taking good pictures of yourself and/or your family or friends. The iSight camera at the back takes better photos and videos than the front camera. Take the iPhone 5 for example, the iSight camera at the back records 1080p videos, but its front camera can only records 720p videos. However iPhone, iPad or iPod touch has no physical button which makes it difficult to press if you use the back or rear camera. If you use the front camera for easier use, you will find it is difficult to get the right angle, what’s worse you have no way to take full body pictures without help, let alone taking photos with your family or friends. With Video to Photo app, you can prop your iPhone up, shoot a video of yourself and your family or friends. After that you can browse the video frame by frame to export those photos suit you best.

* Powerful Photo Editing Features

Before saving the image, you can also edit the image. For example, you can crop the image, add text to image, add stickers to image, rotate/flip image, etc. There a plenty of other enhancements and effects you can easily touch to apply, such as the Night effect, Backlit effect, Singe effect, Vivid effect, San Carmen effect, Indiglow effect, Cconcorde effect, Aqua effect, Strato effect, Laguna effect, Ventura effect, B ?>

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