Mar 8 2018

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#1 Travel Nurse Agency & Travel Nursing Jobs


Travel nurse jobs

Nurses Pro the world s best paying Nurse Staffing Agency where you are treated as the Hero!

As a valued part of the Nurses Pro Heroes Network immediately

  • Increase your earnings exponentially,
  • Get access to hundreds of open positions across the nation
  • Enjoy top-notch benefits, such as Health Insurance, 401k etc.
  • Be treated as a Hero

Nurses Pro was ranked the #21 Nontraditional Nursing Site of 2012 by OnlineLPNtoRN.

The Best Solution

Consider each of these benefits:

  • Keep up to 80% of your billable rate. If you refer the project, you can earn up to 80% of the billable rate in pay and benefits. Plus, you get paid more consistently, get 401k benefits and have access to affordable health care.

Keep up to 70% of your billable rate. If you are selected to work on an existing Nurses Pro assignment you can earn up to 70% of the total rate that you are billed at in the form of pay and benefits. Pay is based on a pre-established split not an arbitrary amount that your employer decides to pay you. In contrast, most other organizations only pay you 40-60% of what they bill for your time. We believe you are Hero, and we show we mean it by sharing our revenue with you fairly!

  • As part of our network we find you exclusive assignments with our clients, and you can earn up to 70% of that assignments bill rate. We have assignments across the nation, and usually are able to find you jobs in the places you want to travel to.
  • Because you are a travel nurse hero, we have designed a high-end employee benefits program for you. Your special program includes access to a nationwide PPO health plan, dental coverage, life and disability benefits and a managed 401K plan.

  • You are treated as a Hero
      • You are in control. You know upfront what you will earn with us.
      • We respect you so we will never try to sell you on a job that is not right for you
      • We will work with you to locate an assignment where you are comfortable
      • You will never be treated as a commodity at NursesPro.
      • You are our #1 client.

    No, it’s not. Over 10,000 nurses have already joined the Nurses Pro network.

    What’s Next?

    2. Give it a chance, Apply to join our Network today.

    3. Give us a call at 1-713-979-2601 and speak with a Career Manager.

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