Feb 15 2019

Degree Programs

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Degree Programs

Graduate Degree Programs

The NYU School of Professional Studies offers a variety of graduate degree programs that are designed to help students to enhance their current professional credentials, or to launch or change careers. Faculty members are renowned experts in their fields, who bring a wealth of current industry information and networking opportunities to their classroom teaching. Academic programs offer a comprehensive core in their area of specialization that is complemented by an array of concentrations from which to choose.

Undergraduate Degree Programs

The NYU School of Professional Studies Paul McGhee Division programs provide an undergraduate education that is stimulating, practically oriented, and attuned to your needs. The core curriculum affords a broad conceptual understanding and critical insights—in science, history, culture, and the arts, while specialized majors and concentrations prepare you for the challenges of the workplace. Rigorous academics, professionally focused internships and study abroad opportunities make for a well-rounded, highly valued education.

Online Offerings

Whether you are living in New York City or anywhere around the globe, you can take advantage of all that the NYU School of Professional Studies has to offer by enrolling in one of our online undergraduate degrees, graduate degrees, or career advancement courses. Online learning options are available 24/7, and provide course content that is challenging, professionally oriented, conveniently scheduled, and highly interactive.


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