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My issues have returned, and the earlier fix of disconnectiong the battery no longer works. I just need to get this fix so I can trade it in. Any ideas on an easy / cheap fix?

Since a new battery back in 2007 fixed the problem then. could it be that you need another new battery now that its 5 years later? You didn’t say what name brand or battery class size you purchased back in 2007. but car batteries usually last between 4-10 years. depending on usage and climate. A battery that has been deeply discharged can die prematurely. even if recharged and brought back “to life”. the battery can have “concealed” damage when allowed to discharge.

What is your current battery’s voltage? Do you have a multimeter to test it? If not, have you unlocked your OBC so that you can run TEST 9? TEST 9 will give you the battery’s voltage when the ignition is in position 1 or 2. and you can get the charging system’s voltage (alternator etc) when the engine is running. Always check the battery’s voltage after any surface charge has been removed. ie. don’t check the battery right after shutting the engine down with out drawing off surface charge:

Since you’ve been around since 2007. I’d assume that you’ve seen the instructions on how to UNLOCK the OBC. but in case you haven’t. here’s a link to how to do it. This link has instructions (and explanation of each of the 21 TESTs) for both types of instrument clusters used in the X5. If you have the 20 digit alpha/numeric display. then you have the HIGH instrument cluster. If you have the “graphic display” (icon of vehicle). then you have the LOW instrument cluster.
Again, BOTH instructions are at this link: http://www.cardomain.com/ride/313409. series/page-6/ Good luck.

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Qsilver, Thanks for the info about unlocking the OBC. Test 14 is the fault memory which has two error codes listed. Do you know where I could find the meanings of the following 2 codes?
1- BE 48 040
2- C7 81 000
3- 00 00 000
4- 00 00 000
5- 00 00 000

Thanks in advance to anyone who answers.

I have never seen an index or breakdown of these codes (not to say that there’s a list somewhere or that a forum member that has BMW access can’t respond).

Remember that the UNLOCKED OBC tests were not intended for public view. and their purpose is to display the inputs/outputs/functions of the IKE (instrument cluster) and OBC (onBoard CPU). and don’t represent engine or emission or other system’s operational faults.

As stated in the info that was posted for TEST 14. it represents a hexidecimal code that was stored as a fault to the operations of the IKE/OBC.

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