Jul 11 2017

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scam scam scam!

this is not a legit company. made harrassing calls. went in for the appointment and wanted a down payment. once all was done on their end, meaning getting billing and credit card info the damage was done. seemed legit at 1st since they provided a folder with all documents, policies and even a member card.

now that we call and look on the website nothing seemed legit. no phone numbers on the website only on the paperwork that was 1st given which is area code (661) and all are non working numbers. we paid over 4gs and all has been lost. so we will go ahead and do whats needed to make this known to others!

We also got a card in the mail.  It offered an 8 day cruise to anywhere in the world if we would just go listen to their shpiel.  So, we did.

Here is my response:

a.  We had to show them an ID AND a credit card in order to get in. I m fairly certain this is so that they can be sure that we have something to pay for their product with.  But. this shows poor manners, a lack of trust on their part for me.   When we checked in, they also took our post card so that we couldn t refer to what was promised later in the day.

b) They are not very progressive with the manners. for example, there was a place for a Mr. to sign up (the first spot. ) and a Mrs. (the second spot, of course. ) but this made me wonder about gay and lesbian couples, and how they would have to handle that.  Also, Bob, the guy who did our presentation, came over and introduced himself to my husband, and shook his hand.  To me he said, ma am, and nodded.  I felt like property or something.

c)  It s a big pep rally show.  They show you facts and figures on a Power Point so fast that you can t look them up on your phone quickly enough to matter.  It sounds really, really good, however.

d) They really push the hard-sell.  They already have an answer for every reason you have to not join.  They call other people over to deal with you if you say no.  Then they tell you to go speak to a last person to get your gift, and that person tries to sell you, too.  It was very uncomfortable to try to say no.

e) The awesome offers they show you on the Power Point and shove in your face afterwords during the hard-sell are only good for that day, and then they tell you you ll get a CRAP offer if you tell them you want to go and think about it.  I m sorry, I am not the kind of person who drops 10k just because someone tells me to in that moment.  I like to do research first, think about it, check my bank statements.  Little things like that.

f)  The 8 day cruise they offered us was not anywhere in the world, as the postcard stated, although I didn t have it with me anymore when we went to get it.  It was all U.S. adjacent, which means no Europe.  And no Alaska.  These are both places we spoke about going prior to the day s event.  On the plus side, for only $250 plus port taxes, we re getting a free cruise.

While it sounds like an amazing product, we did not make the purchase.  Bob compared World Wide Travel  to Costco, where you purchase a membership in order to get discount rates.  (You don t get anything for your $$ up front, you pay in order to get cheap rates on vacations)  I didn t join Costco until there were other people like me–my parents, in-laws, friends–who could vouch for the company.  There were no clients there yesterday to offer a testimony, and I don t personally know any of the hundreds of thousands of people who are already members.

Basically, it reeks of of a scam,.

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