Nov 23 2016

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Flight From London To Orlando

No issues at all – virtually hassle free!

Two minor points for improvement –

1) Took quite a while for the e-tickets to arrive and because we hadn’t used Travel Up before, we did get worried at one point in case we’d been scammed!

2) It would have saved us some time if we had been advised on our booking confirmation that we could check in online rather than queuing up at the counter.

my complaint which may seen unusual, was that the ticket and initial information came through so quickly that I was unable to check the information thoroughly. I had made a mistake and although I contacted Travelup via the e-mail address provided I have still not had a response three weeks later. I have now contacted the airline directly and they resolved the issue for me within minutes. This was the first time I have booked flights via the internet and it has made me very wary, although I will attempt again as I am more aware now of the problems. I will say however that the price was Good!

Good value for money, but had to chase to get e-ticket issued after booking confirmed. Despite saying on their site that e-tickets are issue on the day of booking or the next day, I waited over two weeks and finally had to call in to get them issued.

Good price and although eTicket didn’t arrive within the time specified, I got through quickly by phone and it was sorted quickly and easily. Having been uneasy using a company I hadn’t heard of before, I would happily use TravelUp again.

We booked through Travelup this year and were very pleased with the price and service we received so decided to try again for next year and found just what we were looking for at a very competitive price.

I was very happy with using the Travelup website. It offered me the lowest fare over the Xmas period compared to other sites. I knew it was going to be difficult to find a very low fare but I was pleased with what I found

The booking process itself and the price were good, if a little bit hard to narrow your search for the correct flight times and dates etc. Also the email confirmation was a little vague as to whether that was my actual ticket and details on how to contact the airlines closer to the departure date is unclear.

The price was about 20 cheaper than the egyptair website and the eticket number was instantly generated as the PNR was printed on the instant confirmation email (I also checked check my trip website and egyptair site also) This was really surprising as agents usually take at least a few minutes to a few days to normally generate the e-ticket number.

The flight is value for money but the baggage allowance is confusing or misleading with no clear explanation. It looks like Travelup have obtained a discount by reducing the baggage allowance – but I can’t be sure until I fly – because it is not clear.

Found the initial pricing very good. But when I realised I had booked the wrong day for an internal US flight I rang immediately after the confirmation email and was told it would cost 400 to move the flight by one day. Pretty disappointed with customer service and tone taken by gentleman I spoke with. Will I use travel up again? Not sure the price would have to be very competitive.

I had problems with the airline and had missed my flight (not my fault) but no one seems to be interested in rectifying this and getting compensation. I also had to buy a visa in transit when I had a british passport in turkey

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