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It might be too soon to rave about Kris at World Travel, but holy cow! Consider this a rave!  I contacted Kris early in our planning process with a rough sketch of what we were looking for and she got back to me in a flash.  Rather than write us off after we changed our minds twice about our travel plans, she listened to us and let us know the minute an airfare sale appeared so we could take advantage of a great, great price that allowed us to upgrade seats. She helped us figure out a route that offered good times, easy transfers, flexibility and enough structure to give us a jump start our planning.

Sharon did an amazing job working with us as cruise newbies for a Mediterranean Cruise this past September.  She worked tirelessly to ensure smooth sailing for us and when we hit a snafu on the last leg of the cruise, she worked to fix the problem after we returned.  I would definitely recommend her to all and we will be using her again for another upcoming trip.  Thank you Sharon

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We use this place for all of our business arrangements, and all I can say is. wow. There is definitely something to be said for hiring professionals to book arrangements.

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