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They laughed at the original Surface RT. But Microsoft persisted, refining the Surface Pro’s features and engineering away its flaws through multiple iterations. The proof of success? Just look at all the Surface Pro clones.

If you want to take a walk round the shop of the future, a good place to start is a supermarket located in the Bicocca district of Milan, Italy. There, thanks to a blend of gaming technologies, IoT and cloud computing, you can seamlessly interact with the products that interest you and make better buying choices.

As Microsoft Edge adoption increases, critical extensions are starting to show up for the promising new browser. We spotlight ten of them.

Click by click, we’ll show you how to get Microsoft’s Apache Hadoop-based big bata service up and running.

Microsoft’s Azure Data Lake is now generally available, but what does it do, and how does it work? Here’s a tour around the service’s tooling and capabilities, to help you understand it and get productive with it, quickly.

Those who want a Windows powered laptop don’t have to feel jealous of those who choose the macOS path, because there are some truly awesome Windows 10 laptops available.

Windows tablets existed long before the iPad was even dreamt of. Take a tour through some of most popular – and most unusual – devices of the last decade.

A year by year summary of the most significant events in Linux’s history to date.

If you are uncomfortable with the thought of Microsoft owning LinkedIn and having access to your career data, here are some other business social networks you could try instead.

Surprise! Microsoft is among the most prolific developers of apps for the Android platform. And Redmond has turned on the afterburners in the past year, releasing a string of quality business-focused apps. Here are my 10 picks for the best of the bunch.

Here is a selection of accessories for your Windows 10 PC or laptop to help boost your productivity.

Being a Mac user doesn’t mean that you have to turn your back completely on the Windows ecosystem. There are a number of ways that you can run your favorite Windows applications on your Mac – and some won’t cost you a penny.

A look back at the hot topics, major deals, and the technological breakthroughs of the year — from security to product launches, and the year’s successes and catastrophes.

Tech gear, from the big stuff like notebooks, tablets, and smartphones, to smaller stuff like storage devices and smart bulbs.

Six months ago, I decided to replace my desktop PC with a Surface Pro 4 and a Surface Dock. After a few frustrating months, I think this might work out.

Despite its innovative dual-lens camera system, the P9 doesn’t threaten today’s leading flagship smartphones. However, it wouldn’t take much to turn the P-series into a genuine challenger.

Interesting design ideas, solid construction and a high-end specification make Microsoft’s first hybrid laptop an intriguing option at the more expensive end of the market.

After owning both the first Surface Pro and the Surface Pro 3, I never thought I would consider any other device for my home office. Dell has shown me that there are other viable alternatives.

Sway doesn’t replace PowerPoint: it lets you create interactive, dynamic stories that you can use for training, newsletters, brochures, and even presentations.

This long-awaited upgrade realigns Office for Mac’s user experience with that of its Windows and mobile-OS counterparts.

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