May 26 2019

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Whos winning iowa

Whos winning iowa

Interesting read here. The name I’ve been told to keep an eye on as the next Kentucky coach is LSU’s Will Wade. He’s obviously not a candidate today. But he believes he can win/recruit well enough that when the job opens in a decade he’ll be in prime position

— Aaron Torres (@Aaron_Torres) September 19, 2018

And really, that last part – talent – is why Wade appears as such a big name on paper. Put simply, his early recruiting returns at LSU are off the charts. This past season he inked the No. 3 recruiting class nationally, signing a couple of McDonald’s All-American caliber players (Emmitt Williams, Naz Reid) that could have gone to just about any program in the country. This came one year after he convinced Tremont Waters to come to LSU just weeks after he accepted the job.

The only question on Wade at this point, is whether he can coach all the talent he brings to campus. The good thing is that we should get an answer to that here in the next year or so, with LSU entering the season in just about everyone’s preseason Top 20.

Billy Donovan, Oklahoma City Thunder head coach

I mean, a long-term Kentucky coaching list wouldn’t be complete without Billy Donovan’s name on it, right? As I mentioned up top however, while Donovan’s name should be on this list, I’m not sure how realistic it will be once the job does open.

For starters, Donovan is currently 53-years-old. Even if he was interested in the job, would Kentucky really want to take a plunge on a guy at or around his 60 th birthday when the job opens, and might only have a few years left? With Donovan’s resume, he’d probably be worth the call. But depending on who the other candidates are, he might not be a front-runner at that point. Five years from now he won’t be the home run hire he would have been a decade ago.

But again, that’s if Donovan wants the job, and I’m not sold he does. I’ve been told by several people that by the time Donovan left college basketball he had grown tired of the hassle of recruiting, of dealing with sneaker companies and AAU guys to get players on his roster. I think that’s a cesspool that he’d rather avoid stepping back into, if it’s at all possible to avoid. Also, it’s not like Donovan hasn’t had the chance to come to Kentucky before. As everyone knows, he’s already turned down the Wildcats down twice. Looking back, maybe the timing was just bad. Or maybe he just didn’t want the job.

There’s a chance we might find out for good in the future, but I wouldn’t bet on it.

Fred Hoiberg, Chicago Bulls head coach

While Donovan is the obvious NBA name for Kentucky, and Brad Stevens (more on him coming) is the sexy one, Hoiberg is the one that’s most realistic. After three disastrous seasons with the Bulls it feels inevitable that he won’t be in Chicago much longer. And even if he gets one more shot after that in the NBA (with his pedigree, he probably will) that could leave him out of a job right around the time the Kentucky job were, again in theory, to open up.

And if he did make his way back to the college game, Kentucky could do a lot worse.

Remember, Hoiberg took over one of the worst Power 5 programs in all of college basketball when he arrived at Iowa State in 2011 (even though it wasn’t called “The Power 5” back then) and immediately got them competitive. By the second year they were in the NCAA Tournament (where, ironically, they lost to Anthony Davis and Kentucky) and in his final two seasons he won 28 and 25 games respectively, with a trip to the Sweet 16 and a Big 12 Tournament championship mixed in. Admittedly, he used an unconventional recruiting approach to build the program (he took a ton of transfers at a time when it wasn’t as common as it is now) but at Kentucky, as we all know, he’ll be able to pretty much recruit anyone he wants.

Truthfully, Hoiberg’s temperament always seemed better suited for the college game than the NBA, and it seems inevitable that he’ll be back down at the lower level. It may take a few years, but when he does return, it could be perfect timing for UK.

Chris Holtmann, Ohio State head coach

The CBS article does a fantastic job laying out Holtmann’s candidacy, so I won’t spend too much time getting into it here. Remember, it only took him one year to get things rolling at Ohio State, he’s from the Lexington area and at just 46-years-old, he won’t be too old when the job opens.

My only questions on Holtmann is this: There is no doubt that Kentucky is a better job than Ohio State. But Ohio State ain’t exactly a bad gig. And it’s a school that also prints money, meaning that if Holtmann is good enough to get the Kentucky job when it opens, there isn’t any amount of money UK could put on the table that the Buckeyes wouldn’t be able to match. Plus, if Holtmann is coaching as well as he’d need to, to get the Kentucky job, it probably means that he’ll have had enough success where he doesn’t feel like he needs to leave for a “better” job.

So let’s say the Kentucky job did open up in a decade. If at that point Holtmann is already making more money than he can spend, his family is happy in Columbus and they’ve had big-time NCAA Tournament success, would it really be worth him leaving for UK?

Brad Stevens, Boston Celtics head coach

Ah, the golden goose. The great white whale. Brad Stevens. Every college basketball writer in America will tell you that there’s a zero percent chance that Brad Stevens will return to college basketball. But I’m not every writer, dammit! And as the old saying goes, “Never say never.” And that applies to Stevens.

Now look, do I think Stevens wants or plans to coach in college basketball again? I’m absolutely certain that at this point in his life, he does not.

At the same time, who is to say he’s going to have a say in things 10 years down the road? The NBA is a fickle, cruel place and fortunes change quickly. While he is the hottest coach in the NBA right now, who knows what could happen a few years from? Kyrie Irving may leave in free agency this summer, Jayson Tatum might not pan out (highly unlikely, but work with me here), you just never know. Seriously, outside of a handful of guys (Phil Jackson, Gregg Popovich in a few years) not many NBA coaches get to leave on their own terms. Even as good as he is now, there’s no certainty that Stevens will.

Therefore, while it’s unlikely the Celtics collapse any time soon (they look like they’re built for the long haul), it could happen. And even if he gets another NBA job after that, who’s to say that one will work out either? Remember, Chip Kelly said he’d never return to college football, and for a time it looked like he wouldn’t have to after a pair of 10-win seasons to start his career. Three years and two jobs later he’s at UCLA.

Point being, while I wouldn’t say it’s likely (at all) that Stevens comes back to college. But it isn’t inconceivable either.

To quote “Dumb and Dumber,” yes, I’m saying there’s a chance.

Richie Riley, South Alabama head coach

Want a super-duper, out of nowhere, long shot of an option? Too bad, I’m going to give you one anyway: South Alabama’s Richie Riley.

For those who don’t know much about him, he’s entering his first year at South Alabama, after winning a regular season title at Nicholls State last season. With most of his team coming back he should be competitive in Year 1, and in Year 2 they could be one of the better mid-major programs in college basketball. He’s got three big-time transfers sitting out right now, and South Alabama could be loaded in 2019-2020. This guy is going to win in Mobile sooner rather than later.

Ultimately, Riley would to need to one more step up the ladder to a middle-tier Power 5 school before he’d even be considered at a place like Kentucky, and even then he’d have to win there. But again, we’re talking 10 years down the road. Mike White and Will Wade were no name assistants 10 years ago, now they’re the hottest names in coaching. Heck, Kentucky wouldn’t even call John Calipari in 2007 – two years later they hired him. Point being, a lot of stuff can change really fast in the crazy world of college basketball.

Oh, and one more thing: Riley knows the lay of the land in Kentucky. He is from the state, went to Eastern Kentucky and had coaching stints at Georgetown (KY) and Pikeville. Think he’d love to coach at UK one day?

Again, it’s a long shot – but who is to really say what could happen by then.

All I do know is this: John Calipari isn’t going anytime soon. And when he does leave, UK will have no shortage of options.

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Who’s Next After John Calipari Leaves Kentucky? Here’s a List of Candidates

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