May 19 2019

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Alex Jordan Meisel Anatomy Award

Congratulations to Alex Jordan Meisel, OMS, on receiving 2nd prize at OMED18 (Osteopathic Medical Education Conference) for his work in the Prosection/Gross Anatomy Labs. Read more..

Dr. David Anderson interview on WLNS

Please click here to watch Dr. David Anderson’s latest interview with WLNS regarding the importance of breast cancer screening.

Dr. David Zhu of MSU Radiology receives five-year NIH R01 grant.

Dr. David Zhu of MSU Radiology and UT Southwestern Medical Center researchers received a five-year $3.442 million NIH R01 grant to study the effect of hypertension on the brain in older adults

You may have heard the phrase, “What’s good for the heart is good for the brain.” We believe that this may be true, but many underpinning mechanisms behind the heart-brain relationship remain unknown. This study is called “Hypertension, Intracranial Pulsatility and Brain Amyloid-beta Clearance (HIPAC) Trial”. The three principal investigators are MSU Radiology professor Dr. David Zhu, an expert in MR neuroimaging and MR physics, and UT Southwestern Medical Center professors Dr. Rong Zhang, a well-known expert in cerebrovascular physiology and Dr. Wanpen Vongpatanasin, a clinical expert in hypertension. They form an inter-disciplinary team to conduct a mechanism-driven study to determine: (1) how and to what extent changes in central hemodynamic pulsatility affect intracranial pulsatility in older adults with hypertension; (2) whether changes in intracranial pulsatility are associated with changes in brain Aβ and tau homeostasis as well as brain structural and functional connectivity. MSU Radiology Professor Dr. Suresh Mukherji will also serve as a co-investigator and a neuroradiologist on this grant.

Dr. Ryan Tubbs to participate in Adams Academy Fellows Program

Dr. Ryan Tubbs has been selected to participate in this year’s cohort of the Adams Academy Fellows Program. The goal of this program is to inspire faculty and academic staff of all ranks to pursure excellence in teaching through scholarship. Dr. Tubbs was awarded this opportunity based upon her record of excellence in teaching, her desire to continue to improve her teaching skills, and her willingness to advocate for excellent teaching amongst her peers.

Chunqi Qian receives Strategic Partnership Grant

Chunqi Qian of the MSU Department of Radiology and College of Osteopathic Medicine has received a strategic partnership grant. The title is “Soft robotic systems for safe and accurate medical disgnosis and intervention.” Chunqi is appointed by the College of Osteopathic Medicine (COM) and College of Human Medicine (CHM) and is one of the PI on the grant — the other three PIs are from the College of Engineering. The total alotted to Chunqi will be split: $10K from the College of Osteopathic Medicine and $10K from the Department of Radiology.

Dr. Mukherji honored by MOA

For over two decades the Michigan Osteopathic Association (MOA) Presidential Citation has been a way for the outgoing president to acknowledge and honor those who have influenced and inspired the president’s career. The citations can be awarded to mentors, colleagues, or leaders in healthcare.

Anatomy’s Dr. Brewer obtains grant

Grant: Nonparametric estimation of integral curves and surfaces.

Dr. Lyudmila Sakhanenko and Dr. David Zhu received a $120k grant from the National Science Foundation to develop magnetic resonance imaging technique. Dr. Lyudmila Sakhanenko, Associate Professor of Statistics and Probability, serves as the principal investigator and Dr. David Zhu, Professor of Radiology, serves as the co-principal investigator. Diffusion Tensor Imaging (DTI) is an Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) technique that can be used to track the axonal fibers in the brain, and can be used to quantify the neuronal damage due to neurodegenerative diseases. However, much technical work is needed to improve the DTI technique. This development often requires an inter-disciplinary team. This requirement brings together Dr. Sakhanenko, an expert in statistics and probability, and Dr. Zhu, an expert in MRI and neuroscience. The team plans to investigate a list of issues pertinent to statistical integral curve estimation for tracking the axonal fibers.

Dr. David Zhu receives $500K subcontract

Dr. David Zhu, Professor of Radiology, received a subcontract of $500K to lead an Imaging Core to conduct research in risk reduction for Alzheimer’s disease. This subcontract grant is a part of an NIH funded multi-center Phase II clinical trial, titled “Exercise and Intensive Vascular Risk Reduction in Preventing Dementia”. This study aims to determine the independent and combined effects of intensive pharmacological reduction of vascular risk factors and aerobic exercise on neurocognitive function in older adults at high risk for Alzheimer’s disease. Neuroimaging techniques are used to measure brain modifications due to interventions. Please visit the Risk Reduction for Alzheimer’s Disease trial website for this study.

MSU Rad and UMich collaborate via NIH Grant on a pathway to discover roots of stuttering

Dr. Soo-Eun Chang (UM) and Dr. David Zhu (MSU-CHM) are working together to understand brain development in children who stutter. The cause of stuttering is currently unknown but this research team is determined to discover why and create a solution. More than 120 children have participated in the study, with over 300 successful MRI scans collected right here at the MSU Department of Radiology. Read Full Article Here.

Dr. Joe Carlson receives $300K grant from Superior Health Foundation

This grant allows an eventual partnership with NMU, LSSU, and Michigan Tech for the spreading of the (S)Partners program that started here at MSU back in 2008. This partnership allocated by the SHF will expand the program into the Upper Peninsula, first through NMU, and within the next few years, LSSU and Michigan Tech. This is a very exciting step for research on the health of the Youth in the United States.

Dr. Erik Shapiro receives COM Early Promise of Research Excellence Award

Dr. Erik Shapiro was chosen by the COM research and Graduate Study Committee to receive the COM Early Promise of Research Excellence Award. With an international reputation, Dr Shapiro is a renowned leader in the field of molecular imaging and has made innovative contributions in the fields of nanotechnology, stem cell biology and molecular imaging. He was recently awarded a $2.1 million NIH RO1 grant, has over fifty publications and has presented at numerous meetings and international symposia. In his role as Associate Chair of Research he has made an impressive contribution in the department’s clinical and educational missions.

Drs. Kennedy and Brewer Receive Outstanding Faculty Green Apple Award

Dr. Frances Kennedy (left in blue) and Dr. Pat Brewer (right in gold) receive the Outstanding Faculty Green Apple Award at the CHM Medicine Ball.

More about Dr. Kennedy. More about Dr. Brewer.

Dr. Rebecca Pratt Receives 2016 Basic Science Award

Each year College of Osteopathic Medicine students vote to present the Basic Science Award to one faculty member who demonstrates excellence in teaching basic science and seeks to integrate basic science education with clinical medicine. More about Dr. Pratt.

Dr. David Zhu’s Research Featured on cover of Cerebral Blood Flow & Metabolism

Dr. Zhu’s recent paper Vascular coupling in resting-state fMRI: evidence from multiple modalities, collaborating with Dr. Rong Zhang at UT Southwestern Medical Center, is featured on the cover of the Journal of Cerebral Blood Flow & Metabolism, a high-impact journal.

Dr. Roger Haut presented with highest honor in the field of Bioengineering.

Congratulations to Erik Shapiro, PhD on his recent NIH grant!

Congratulations to Dr. Frances Kennedy for Being Chosen by the COM College Advisory Council to Receive the MSUCOM Basic Science Faculty Excellence Award

Winners of this award are recognized for excellence as teachers of basic science to first-year and second-year College of Osteopathic Medicine students. Dr. Kennedy is a Professor in the Division of Human Anatomy. More about Dr. Kennedy.

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