Feb 1 2017

Welcome to Mindfulness Travels with Linda and Larry Cammarata #air #ticket #booking


Welcome to Mindfulness Travels with Linda and Larry Cammarata

Mindfulness Travels  provides educational retreats to inspiring exotic places throughout the world with leaders in the field of mindfulness.  We have been teaching mindfulness and leading international retreats for nearly two decades. Mindfulness is a body-mind practice that cultivates present-centered awareness and supports the development of life-affirming attitudes such as acceptance, non-judgment, and patience.

As practitioners of mindfulness, we are dedicated to facilitating and sharing meaningful international travel experiences with people who are interested in cultivating greater self-awareness and open-heartedness for themselves and also for the greater good of others. Mindfulness Travels is a vehicle that can take you there.

Please enjoy reviewing our upcoming 2016 and 2017 international retreat schedule. All of the retreats provide you with the opportunity to learn and practice the skill of mindfulness. Thank you for visiting us!

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