Aug 12 2017

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Tucan Travel UK

Tucan has been leading travellers and exploring the depths of South America since the early 80’s. Having specialised in Latin America for so many years they have taken their award winning formula and expanded their tours to adventure destinations worldwide. Over the years they have earned an excellent reputation for providing quality trips that are excellent value for money. They are one of the best tour companies in the world in their specialist styles of travel.

Tucan offers a selection of different types of trip. We have summarised them briefly below (information provided by Tucan):

Discovery Tours

When Tucan Travel started operating Discovery tours five years ago we were certain this travel style would prove popular, and we were not mistaken. This travel style grew from an emerging trend of travellers who wanted to visit the region in comfort and security but with an adventurous spirit. Discovery Tours offer clients the flexibility of private vehicle travel with the comfort of hotel accommodation. The itineraries have many inclusions but are well structured to also allow the traveller plenty of �free time�.

Discovery Tours are ideal for travellers who may be concerned about safety, enjoy vehicle-based travel and like the comforts of hotel accommodation. Advantages of Discovery Tour travel include having the services of both a tour leader and a driver, the flexibility to stop for photos and breaks when the group chooses and the ability to store their extra luggage and souvenirs on the vehicle.

Adventure Tours

Our Adventure Tours are continually evolving and have become our most popular touring style. Over the years we have redesigned our itineraries according to client feedback. We take into consideration time to relax after long travelling days, we choose hotels based on their safety, cleanliness and central locations and we work hard to ensure our clients have the opportunity to experience the best a country has to offer. Adventure Tours allow travellers more authentic interaction with the local population through travelling on a variety of local transport.

Adventure Tours are particularly enjoyable for those who see the journey as the destination. Travellers who consider a local market the perfect place to sit and absorb its culture, or a bus journey through the countryside with a few rural animals on board a laugh. Adventure travellers may have taken Spanish lessons before they travelled, spent hours on the internet researching new destinations and are now infatuated with travelling.

Overland Expeditions

Overland Expeditions attract a distinctive clientele: genuine travel addicts who realise that South America and Africa are huge continents which deserve as much time as they can possibly afford to give them. These tours run from 6 to 171 days in length and travel on our modern and comfortable fleet of overland vehicles. Clients combine hotel/hostel accommodation in the larger cities with camping in the smaller towns and national parks. Tucan Travel offer the highest quality equipment, the best overland vehicles around, a large support network and a dedicated and experienced crew, making our Overland Expeditions the best in South America and Africa.

Due to their longer durations and camping element, Overland Expeditions generally attract younger travellers. Some are on career breaks, others have finished tertiary education and are on a round-the-world trip. But one thing is certain, Overland Expedition travellers know what they want to see and they�re here to enjoy it – even if it takes a little time.

Budget Expeditions

Budget Expeditions was born in 2003 as the youth brand of Tucan Travel, with carefully designed itineraries for 18 to 35�s who want to explore the world but don�t want to pay the earth. Because we offer so many optional excursions, Budget Expeditions are an excellent choice for price-conscious travellers who want the flexibility to choose their own adventures with maximum control over their budgets.

In 2008, Tucan Travel took the independent brand back under its wing as a travel style. It now offers a broad range of itineraries across South America and East Southern Africa.

Independent Travel

Travel to adventurous destinations has increased in popularity in every market. Tucan Travel recognises that group travel may not be everyone�s choice and we are continuously researching and expanding traveller�s options for Independent travel. Travellers may choose day trips, hotel and/or transport combinations, locally guided excursions or choose to link modules together to create their own personal holiday.

Singles, couples, families and private groups choose the flexibility of Independent Travel. Clients select hotel comfort rating, when and where they want to travel and for how long. Whether they�re looking for an excursion of one day or several weeks we�re sure with our Independent Travel packages we can cater for all needs.

Expedition Cruising

There are parts of the world that can only be accessed by ship, such as the polar regions, and others that are best explored via rivers, like the Amazon rainforest. Places like Patagonia and the Galapagos Islands are absolutely teeming with wildlife, so an Expedition Cruise gives you the best chance to get closer to nature. Our cruises operate on smaller, purpose-built or specially adapted ships that offer high levels of service, excellent facilities and crucially, represent great value for money. Our Expedition Cruises focus on the adventure itself rather than just reaching a destination, so you really get the most out of every minute of your holiday.

Expedition Cruises are perfect for adventure travellers who are looking for a way to experience remote areas of the world in comfort and style. If you�re interested in walking across diverse and fascinating landscapes, snorkelling and swimming activities, lectures by knowledgeable naturalist guides and meeting local people, Expedition Cruises are for you.

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