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Other services

In this section you ll find all the information related to other services that can be useful for you.

Exchange for LAN Services:**

  • Ticket purchase.
  • Paying excess baggage fees.
  • Paying penalty fees or differences between fares.

Where can I exchange my Travel Voucher?

  • Via the LAN Contact Center .
  • At to purchase tickets.
  • At in step 5 of the ticket purchasing process.

Terms and conditions of use

General use of the service

  • The Travel Voucher can be exchanged for LAN services or for money. These options are mutually exclusive.
  • If the exchange for LAN services is chosen, the value of the Travel Voucher only covers the payment of the net rate. Payment of taxes and fees must be made with other means of payment.
  • The voucher holder has twelve months from the date the voucher is issued to decide on an option and realize the exchange.
  • The voucher holder can exchange the voucher for services to be used by a third party. If redeemed through the Contact Center, this may only be done for the holder, except for the markets of Europe, United States and Canada.
  • This document carries no commercial value and you do not need to provide it in order to make the exchange.
  • Travel Vouchers issued in the name of a minor can be exchanged by the minor s parents or another adult by simply presenting the minor s ID document or the official family record book.
  • Involuntary Returns of tickets paid Travel Voucher: Cash will be refunded half of the total amount paid Travel Voucher, plus total unused taxes and fees. Part of the fees paid to other means of payment will be refunded in full, with the same means of payment used.
  • Voluntary Returns of tickets paid Travel Voucher:

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