Apr 30 2018

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Travel and Vacation Discounts Deals

Traveling can be stressful enough without having to worry about paying too much for your air fare, hotel, cruise or car rental. That s why we ve collected tons of cheap travel deals all in one spot. Find the best travel deals for your next vacation, whether it s a quick weekend getaway or that big all-inclusive trip you ve been planning for years. Keep this page bookmarked and we ll help you get the best discount travel prices possible.

Best Time to Buy for Cheap Flights

When it comes to air fare, booking one to four months in advance of your trip is your best bet for scoring cheap tickets. Unless, of course, you re traveling to a popular destination during the summer or holidays. In those cases, you ll find the best flight deals about 10 or 11 months prior to the trip — and you ll ensure that flights don t book up on you. Another tip for finding deals on flights is to buy on a Tuesday, since that is statistically the best time for airfare deals.

How to Get Cheap Hotel Deals

It s wise to book hotels a few months in advance, but if you re flexible and don t mind the stress of a potentially booked up hotel, you could score a fantastic last minute travel deal by waiting about 24 hours prior to your stay to book a room. Hotels may be scrambling to fill empty rooms and will often offer big discounts.

How to Find the Best Rental Car Deals

You want to book early when it comes to getting cheap car rentals (and cheap cruises too.) You ll get better car rental deals by booking eight months to a year out, and you ll be guaranteed to get what you want. It also pays to book online since renting directly from the counter or at the airport often includes additional fees. Finally, considering renting by the week to get lower daily rates.

What Sites Have the Best Travel Deals

When it comes time to buy, do your research across all the big online travel booking sites, including Orbitz, Expedia and Priceline. If you re feeling flexible on where you stay or which airline you travel with, definitely check out Priceline s Name Your Price feature. Additionally, it never hurts to call the airline or hotel before booking to see if they can give you a lower price if you book directly through them. Wherever you buy, don t forget to see if you have discounts through a membership organization. Many professional organizations and companies offer travel benefits that you could be missing out on.

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