Oct 2 2016

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Travel Talk with Lee Ramsay

We all do it follow beautiful Instagram accounts showcasing the wild trips of our 20-something idols who travel the world. But we need to stop dreaming about it and just do it. Traveling is easier than you think, according to 21-year-old Scotland native, Lee Ramsay. Her Instagram is packed with scenic adventures, and we sat down with her to get the scoop on worldwide travel.

the Lala: What is your absolute favorite place you have visited and why?

Ramsay:  Guatemala. I had absolutely zero expectations of what it would be like, as it s not somewhere that you see on TV or in movies. When I arrived and found myself on endless stretches on beach, volcanoes in the distance, fresh fruit market stalls parading the streets it was really like no other place I had ever been! The small towns, paved with cobbled bricks and multicolored buildings, made it feel very unique.

the Lala: With so much international travel you must have learned to travel light; any tips?

Ramsay:  Pack, repack, and then repack again. I feel that initially I want to take everything I own with me, but once I sort through it a couple of times I realize I can leave a lot behind. Also, rolling up your clothes saves room and avoids creases.

the Lala: What is your one travel necessity?

Ramsay:  A good camera. There is nothing worse than not being able to capture some of the beautiful sights that you pass along the way. After a trip to Paris, when all of my Eiffel Tower pictures turned out blurry, I learned my lesson to invest in a decent camera.

the Lala: Hotels? Hostiles? Where do you stay?

Ramsay:  A few years ago I stumbled across where you can rent either a private room in someone s home or their entire place. I first used this when I spent a summer living in Barcelona, and opted for the private room in a large apartment in the heart of El Born. It was the best decision I have ever made because I had the privacy of my own room.

the Lala: What is your dream destination?

Ramsay:  Egypt! Whether you want to spend your days relaxing on golden beaches, visiting the pyramids, going scuba diving in the Red Sea or quad biking in the Sahara desert, there is something for everyone.

the Lala: Now, we re all on college-girl budgets, how do you make the most of your money?

Ramsay:  Avoid the tourist spots. Normally when people travel they will eat in places closest to all the main points of attraction, which are always much more expensive than spots that the locals will associate themselves with. My tip ask the locals where to eat or to recommend which bars to go to. Also, I use a site called ; it tracks and alerts you when flights you have been looking for have decreased in price.

the Lala: Your Instagram is pretty incredible! You must really love photography

Ramsay:  I feel that Instagram is such a good way to not only share your experience with your friends, but I love that in years to come I will be able to look back and remember little snippets of my trip that I may have otherwise forgotten about!

the Lala: Looking back on all your travel experiences, which would you say has been the most unique?

Ramsay:  How can I pick just one. Spending my last night in NYC dancing in a random street parade in Korea town, being taught how to make bread in the Sahara desert by the tribes or being stuck for 12 hours in Tijuana with no luggage every trip has been pretty unique, but I guess that s the beauty of traveling!

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