Oct 2 2016

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Hi I bookes an all-inclusive Holiday with Travelsoon on the Internet – On arrival in Cyprus Papos we were take to Eleni Holiday Village, and the duty manger told us we were not on his guest list?

He said they do it all the time.

He took our accommodation voucher and rang the number on the voucher, after half an hour he said I have found somewhere you can stay, we asked why we can not stay at the Eleni Village, and he said we are Full.

He said the agents just take the bookings then hope they can accommodate the bookings.

A cab took us to the Paffian Sun Holiday Village.

On arrival we asked who sent us here and to check we will not get an extra bill etc-

We were told they did not know who sent us here and did not know anything regarding our situation apart from we can stay at their Holiday Village as an All-Inclusive Guest?

Next day we again asked if the reception could get us in touch with the organisers who sent us to the Pafian Sun, they said they did not know who to contact, and due to the Eleni Village Duty Manager keeping our accommodation voucher. of what we thought he needed to cross charge our stay at the other Holiday Village, we had no contact details, and we had no one at home to get copy s off our computer etc,All so we were on holiday and did not need the stress of chasing why and how etc. until we got home –

We did ask a Thomas Cook Repmat out Venus if they had any dealings or knew how to contact Travelsoon, but we were told they have not heard of them?

On return we have had been trying tto get an answer since last early October 2012- as to why we were miss sold a holiday package and each time we send a letter to them it takes a month to reply or more-

We wer also told ournhold luggage would be £30 pound a bag when we confirmed we need two bags it went up to £55 .50 per bag.

We ask as to who got the extra money above the £39 pound and to date refuse to reply on that point.

I m About to report my situation regarding Travelsoon and Bedwithease – too the two local offices of Fairtrading and to Abta-

Also to the TV programme on Rip-Off Holidays that runs several times a year.

If you are interested, we could share our experience s and try to stop firms mugging normal people.

And hide behind e/mails-

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