Oct 7 2016

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We Love Submissions

Just get back from a trip and have a great travel story you want to share with the world? Love to write about travel and want to inspire others?

At this time we are able to offer $30 per article, payable upon publication, and we will also include an author bio at the bottom of the piece with a relevant link to your active site/blog.

What Kinds of Submissions Do We Love?

Our articles tend to be first-person narratives in the range of 1,100 1,300 words, however these are both suggestions and not rules. We also publish Top 10 pieces, location overviews, and long-form pieces. We only require that your piece be interesting, informative and inspiring for future travelers. Please see our list of feature articles for examples of pieces that have been published .

We also consider the following factors in helping to decide whether to publish an article:

1) Does the article include relevant, original photography? (We suggest including a link to your relevant photos stored on an online service such as Flickr.)

2) Is the article proofread and formatted for an American audience (i.e.. flavor, not flavour, etc. )?

3) Did the author provide their social media outlet numbers? We love our articles to be shared, and the larger the following an author has on social media, the more likely this is going to happen.

4)  Did the author bribe me, provide flattery, or complement my beard? Any and all of these are highly encouraged, especially in increments of $100.

Tips on Pitching

For some good tips on how to write a great travel piece (and what not to do), check out this article .

For some tips on writing a great query letter, try this article .

Finally, our needs are always changing and we often have writing opportunities arise for certain topics or areas. If you would like to be contacted via e-mail for future writing assignments, please click on the button below and enter your e-mail address to be added to our freelance writer e-mail list.

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