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Private Tailor Made Tours

Touring Israel offers you exceptional custom tailored private tours of the Land of Israel with your own expert tour guide. We create itineraries focused on your specific guidelines and interests. Our premium services give you the flexibility to explore Israel at the highest level of service that you deserve.

Why Visit Israel?

Nestled between ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia in the middle of the Fertile Crescent lies the Land of Israel, crossroads between Europe, Asia and Africa. There is no other place with such diverse climates, elevations, passions, ancient ruins, religions, cultures, history, nightlife, beaches and beauty in such a small compact place. Israel is the size of New Jersey or Wales and can be driven in seven hours from its snow capped peaks and ski resort in the north, to its subtropical scuba paradise in the south. Not only can you hike, bike, drive, swim, sunbathe, explore ruins, rappel, dine, pray, meditate and dive, but you can also explore your own personal history. What other place can claim the origins of Judaism, Christianity, Islam, Baha ism Druzism? Find your spirit right here in Israel. It s waiting to be discovered.

First Time in Israel?

Bring modest clothing. While Tel Aviv, Haifa and Eilat have the feel of New York, San Francisco and Miami, Jerusalem and Tzfat are another story. When going into synagogues, churches and mosques you do not want to be wearing shorts, a mini skirt or a tank top. Ladies should bring a long skirt to throw over their shorts and a scarf or t-shirt handy in order to cover up. Most of the time you can dress as you always do, but once in a while even the men will have to wear long pants.

Bring water shoes. Sometimes we will go on little walks or even hikes through a mountain stream or desert oasis over rocks in the water, sometimes in water in a cave! If you don t want to do that, at the very least you will need them when walking on sharp salt crystals as you wade into the Dead Sea before you start to bob up and down like a cork.

Are you Jewish and have never had a bar/bat mitzvah? Let us know and we ll set it up. Or perhaps you would like to be baptized in the Jordan River? Please let us know ahead of time so we can set those up for you.

Pack light. You will be much happier in the end, trust us. Israel is a very casual place. People go to weddings in shorts, t-shirts and sandals. Leave the suit and dinner jacket at home. You will not be needing them here!

Don t get upset when the security officer at the airport grills you with a million questions that seem absurd. There is a method to the madness and don t fret when the security guard searches your purse at the bar or restaurant. It is all for your own good!

The sun can be very strong here, especially in the summer. Hats, sun block and sunglasses aren t only recommended, they re essential! Even if you re from Florida.

A canteen water bottle is always a good idea.

Outside of July and August the evenings can be cool. And between October and May it can be downright cold and rainy. Pack accordingly. The really cold and rainy season generally begins mid November and lasts through March. Outside of the Golan Heights snow is rare, although once in a while it snows in Jerusalem and Tzfat.

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