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When I was in Oregon, I booked a flight last Oct. 22, for Oct. 28th flight SFO-MNL. It was $615.00 Roundtrip. Unfortunately, my son was in a coma in the Philippines. The doctor advised me to get the earliest flight so I have to change my booking. Date and departure airport. The sales agent told me that I need to cancel the said booking to be able to get a cheaper fare instead of modifying the original flight. Modifying it will cost me more than $300 so I followed the agent’s advice. I cancelled the original flight and while on the phone talking to the agent, she was walking me thru making a new reservation online, amounting to $680.

So I flew to Manila. (I didn’t get here in Manila on time. My eldest son who was just 31 years old died the same day I was on the Portland airport to Manila). I was trying to get an itinerary of my return flight. I called customer service, he was saying it was only one way. My cancelled flight was two way, and I was telling the customer service that I need help, there’s been a mistake. I won’t get one way ticket, and the price was just the same? The agent didn’t help me, he let me wait an hour, then line was cut. Same with the other 3 agents. They’re gonna let me wait for an hour. LITERALLY.

So today I spent more than 4 hours with nothing resolved. I lost my son and they don’t have any sympathy at all. And now I’m stucked here in Manila. My family spent thousand of dollars for the hospital bills, funeral etc. Now I have to think of how I can get back home in America. I have 3 kids there waiting for me and this Onetravel don’t care about their customers. They should be banned.

All of the 4 customer service representatives that I talked were all RUDE, the last one was named ‘Gere’ so disrespectful and saying he can’t give his extension number even if the line will accidentally cut. The other guy gave his extension number, and when the line was cut, I called back right away and he lied! It was just the sales department’s extension. Don’t book your flight if you care for your precious time and money. They’re all rude and don’t know what customer service means. They should be trained thoroughly.

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