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Patch V5.3.2807 Released Jan 16, 2011

Runs on Mac OS X and Windows!
(requires OS X 10.3.9 or newer; supports both Power PC and Intel Macs)
(requires Windows 98 or newer)
Supports multi-processor computers on Windows and Mac!

(requires Windows XP or newer)
(requires Mac OS X 10.5 or newer)
Supports 64-bit processors (x64 / AMD64 / Intel64) on Windows!
(requires Windows XP x64 Edition or newer)

V5.3 is a free update if you have already purchased V5.0, V5.1 or V5.2. You may download and install V5.3 with no additional fees.

Premium single-row stitching
rotated and tilted photos
handheld photos
support for all digital cameras
correction for barrel distortion
correction for brightness falloff
full interactive controls
and more.

Create virtual tours
hotspot editing
web page creation
thumbnail indexes
control initial view
autopan mode
QTVR, IVR and PTViewer

The Panorama Factory from Smoky City Design, LLC is a panoramic stitching program for Windows and Mac. It creates high-quality panoramas from a set of overlapping digital images. The Panorama Factory transforms (warps) the images so that they can be joined seamlessly into panoramas whose fields of view can range up to 360 degrees.

The Panorama Factory creates images that rival those made by rotational and swing-lens panoramic cameras. Not only can The Panorama Factory facilitate creation of immersive VR worlds, it also provides features for the fine-art panoramic photographer who wishes to work from ordinary 35mm images or images captured with a digital camera.

just tested the 4.1 with 4 images that were, I must admit all over the place from a hand held job. In no time at all it made me a genius. -L.C.


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