The Best Travel Credit Card of 2015: Chase Sapphire Preferred

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But apart from the Ultimate Rewards program, how did we come to the conclusion that the Chase Sapphire Preferred credit card provides the best overall value for everyday finances as well as travel redemption? We asked and answered the following questions:

1. How many redemption options are available with the points?

The Sapphire Preferred has two different types of redemption options available. The first and best value can be achieved by using any of Chase’s transfer partners. There are 11 airline, hotel and rail travel partners for which points can be transferred at a ratio of 1:1. When a transfer is complete, the points immediately appear in the destination partner account no waiting required.

  • Airline transfer partners: British Airways, Korean Air, Singapore Airlines, Southwest Airlines, United Airlines and Virgin Atlantic
  • Hotel transfer partners: Hyatt, Intercontinental Hotel Group, Marriott and Ritz Carlton
  • Amtrak is also a transfer partner, allowing redemptions on any of their routes across the country

An alternative use of the points is to book travel directly through Chase’s portal. Redeemed points can be cashed in at a rate of 1.25 cents per point, so 10,000 points would equate to $125 in travel.

2. Are the points transferrable to my spouse, significant other or family?

Points earned with the Sapphire Preferred, known as Ultimate Rewards, can be transferred freely to a spouse or significant other’s account for free. This ability to combine points across accounts adds significant value to the program as there is never a need to worry about errant points.

3. How many points are awarded as a sign-up bonus?

There is a $4,000 minimum spending requirement to be met within the first three months of the card opening, and then 50,000 bonus points are awarded to the user. Add another authorized user to the account (and ensure they make a purchase within that same three-month period) and you’ll be awarded an additional 5,000 points!

4. How many points are earned for everyday spend?

The Sapphire Preferred card earns one point per dollar on everyday spending.

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