The Best Time to Book a Flight Online

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Booking a flight online is relatively simple and convenient. However, knowing when to book your flight to get the cheapest deal while also avoiding the disappointment of not being able to take your chosen flight is more difficult. It requires knowledge of how airlines price their tickets and how this affects you, the consumer.

Best Day Of The Week

Tuesdays and Wednesdays are generally when fares are at their lowest. This is because airlines often launch special discounts on a Monday evening in an attempt to secure sales for the coming week after observing demand through the day. Competitors then tend to lower their prices to match these discounts, meaning more options for the consumer. By Thursday, or at the latest Friday, most, if not all, of these discounted tickets have been taken.

In addition, airlines will often lower prices after they have sold a number of their standard priced tickets. Fewer people in the office on a weekend, however, mean that airlines don’t have the man power to adjust these prices and so discount fares will be offered early in the week instead.

Best Time Of The Month

Wait until after the 7th of the month, recommends the Times Online website. Companies generally pay their workers at the end or start of the month and so this is when people think they can afford a holiday. Hence, this is when a lot of people may choose to book a holiday and consequently prices will rise.

Best Time Of The Year

July and November are good months to book flights. They tend to be months when other people are not planning their holidays, so they feature a low demand for airline tickets and consequent low prices.

September, after the summer holidays, and January, after Christmas and Thanksgiving holidays, are months to avoid. This is because people have a tendency to book airline tickets when they are suffering post-holiday depression. This high demand leads to high prices.

How Many Weeks Before Flying

Book your ticket at least two weeks before flying as prices tend to rise as tickets for each flight become scarce. However, if you are unable to do this and you have some flexibility in your schedule, consider buying your tickets online just a few days, or less, before you fly. This is the period when airlines must fill any free seats and so some special discounts are often available.

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