Jul 14 2017

The best independent travel magazines #interline #travel

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The best independent travel magazines


What’s the concept?

Renegade sets out to give an honest impression of the world, to inspire people to travel, of course, but also to go back to the reason we travel in the first place – to attempt to understand a place by seeing it first hand. We also wanted to bring the traditional sense of literary travel writing to the fore, and bring it up to date.

What motivated you to make it?

We were seeing so much excellent work going unnoticed and we wanted Renegade to become a platform on which these stories could be published. We’re also constantly inspired by the ever-growing market for independent magazines. It’s exciting to live in a time when, thanks to the internet, print is an unknown again and there are plenty of people out there doing wonderful things with it.

Who works on it and what are their backgrounds?

Amy Sohanpaul and I edit Renegade together. Amy has been editing another travel magazine for the best part of a decade and used to work in book publishing. I left university in 2009, and have been writing, editing and working in magazine publishing ever since. The magazine’s art director is Pieter Stander, who’s worked with us numerous times before.

Tell us about the feature you’re most proud of

It’s difficult to pick, but two seem to have stood out: the first is Barnaby Rogerson’s essay about the current state of travel writing. The second is a piece we commissioned by LA-based poet/translator David Shook who wrote about his journey to Equatorial Guinea to find Marcelo Ensema Nsang, a poet whose work he’d become mildly obsessed with. We even got to publish one of Marcelo’s poems for the first time.


What’s the concept?

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