Oct 11 2017

What is the surface gravity of mars #what #is #the #surface #gravity #of #mars

# What is the surface gravity of mars? I’ve heard that on Mars, a person’s apparent weight would be about one-third of their weight on Earth. So a 180-lbs man would feel as though they are only 6 0-lbs. Or a 90kg man would feel like they weighed only 30kg. On the Moon, this is even less, at one-sixth that of Earth. So the 180lbs man would feel like they weighed 30lbs. The 90kg person would feel like they weighed 15kg. (MORE) — The acceleration of gravity at the surface of Mars is 3.722 m / s 2. That’s about …

Sep 28 2017

Office of Intermodal Planning and Investment #surface #transportation #program

# Plans The commonwealth s statewide long-range plan, VTrans, provides a blueprint of Virginia’s transportation future. What is VTrans? VTrans is the long-range, statewide multimodal policy plan that lays out overarching Vision and Goals for transportation in the Commonwealth. It identifies transportation Investment Priorities and provides direction to transportation agencies on strategies and programs to be incorporated into their plans and programs. The VTrans2025 Report was completed in 2004, and the VTrans2035 Report was accepted by the CTB in December, 2009. The interim update of VTrans2035 (VTrans2035 Update) did not establish a new horizon year, nor did it include a …