Oct 10 2017

Top-10 solar module suppliers in 2016 #solar, #pv, #renewables, #modules, #cells, #tariffs, #news, #blogs, #analysis

# Top-10 solar module suppliers in 2016 Finlay Colville joined Solar Media in June 2015 as head of the new Solar Intelligence activities. Until October 2014, he was vice president and head of solar at NPD Solarbuzz. Widely recognised as a leading authority on the solar PV industry, he has presented at almost every solar conference and event worldwide, and has authored hundreds of technical blogs and articles in the past few years. He holds a BSc in Physics and a PhD in nonlinear photonics. Collectively, the top-10 module suppliers shipped just over 50% of all modules during 2016. Image: …

Sep 8 2017

Rh Factor – American Pregnancy Association #baby #cells

# Rh Factor Each person s blood is one of four major types: A, B, AB, or O. Blood types are determined by the types of antigens on the blood cells. Antigens are proteins on the surface of blood cells that can cause a response from the immune system. The Rh factor is a type of protein on the surface of red blood cells. Most people who have the Rh factor are Rh-positive. Those who do not have the Rh factor are Rh-negative. How do I know if I am Rh negative or Rh positive? As part of your prenatal …

Aug 11 2017

Cord Blood #cord #blood #stem #cells #banking

# Cord Blood Cord Blood Macopharma offers a complete range to save cord blood cells, with an efficient process to achieve an optimal collection volume and maximise cell recovery. At the present time, most FACT-NetCord accredited bank members are using Macopharma’s systems to collect cord blood. Macopharma remains your privileged partner for your leading developments from collection to expansion of Cord Blood. These products are designed to provide the user with a high quality product with optimal performance. Discover the latest Biotherapy newsletter by clicking here ISBT 2017 Copenhagen We are pleased to invite you to our Symposium at the …