Sep 30 2017

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# Google announced during its Spring event in São Paulo, Brazil that audio-only calls would be coming soon to Duo, its one-to-one video calling app for iOS and Android. Today, the company pushed a small update to Duo for iPhone that enables this feature (which first rolled out to users in Brazil) for everyone. Available free of charge on App Store, Google Duo version 9.1 brings out VoIP audio calling along with unspecified bug fixes and product improvements. At an event in São Paulo, Brazil today, Google announced that its one-on-one video calling app, Duo, will be soon gaining audio-only …

Nov 8 2016

All in the mind? Artificial Intelligence in travel #military #travel

#ai travel # All in the mind? Artificial Intelligence in travel Apr 21.2015 Yes, the death of travel agents at the hands of Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been greatly exaggerated yet again. NB: This is an analysis from Larry Smith, partner, Thematix . For those who know HAL from the movie 2001: A Space Odyssey. ever since the film was released in 1968 AI has been a thing of the future. But thanks to graphics processing units (GPUs), big data, and better algorithms, AI is now everywhere, today. Almost 50 years after the movie, at the TravelFest Travel 2.0 event …