Apr 20 2017

Switzerland Train Travel: Learn About Trains in Switzerland – Rail Europe #travel #to #vietnam

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Scenic train routes criss-cross Europe’s touristic pacesetter

When thinking green, think Switzerland. It s arguably one of the world s most environmentally-conscious countries, and that no doubt explains why train travel there is so eco-friendly. Most trains use ultra-clean hydroelectricity, and some even generate energy-saving electricity when traveling downhill. Every Swiss town is connected to the train system. And, the system also coordinates with an extensive bus network so you can easily journey to the most out-of-the-way finds. Trains can take you from Zurich airport to the top of the Jungfraujoch and its stunning views to the German Black Forest and the French Vosges.

The most popular Swiss routes include, of course, the famous scenic trains: the GoldenPass. the Wilhelm Tell Express, the Bernina Express or Glacier Express smoothly snake in Swiss alpine fields, cross mountain streams on spectacular bridges, all while train travelers enjoy breathtaking panoramic views of the snowy Swiss Alps. Choose a Grand Train Tour of Switzerland or Grand Train Tour of Switzerland Hotel Package to make the most of your Swiss journey.

These high-altitude rides are must-views, but one of our favorites is the 30-plus mile Centovalli Express, linking Domodossola, Italy to the Swiss Ticino region. The arrival in Locarno and Lago Maggiore, from the mountain, tops off this fascinating, sensory experience, which includes the clanging of cow bells, the faint smell of wood, and the soothing sounds of mountain streams.

Swiss Travel Passes are most definitely the way to go, unless you just want a quick Swiss Transfer Ticket from the airport to another city to hit the slopes, naturally. Passes not only provide access to the SBB railway mainline network, but also dozens of local, private companies that operate mountain trains, cable cars, and buses. An added bonus: free entrance to most Swiss museums.

For more information on Switzerland contact the Switzerland Tourist Board .

Be sure to see Chapel Bridge, the oldest wooden bridge in Switzerland.

Visit the Catholic and Protestant church of Interlaken.

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