Nov 9 2017

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Gr ezi and Welcome to Switzerland

An Insider’s Guide!

Switzerland may be small but we are blessed with diversity. Most think of mountain tops wrapped in eternal snow, but we’ve got a little of everything:

  • The Swiss Riviera with its palm lined avenues between Montreux and Geneva;
  • Italian “dolce vita” in the sunny Ticino with its Mediterranean climate;
  • Pristine alpine meadows full of wildflowers in the spring and bell-carrying four legged guests in the summer;
  • Delightful cities and medieval towns;
  • Numerous refreshing mineral baths and health resorts;
  • The Engadin with its special light that brings contrasts alive and attracts artists for centuries;
  • Remote valleys with picturesque villages where life hasn’t changed much over decades;
  • A unique and a diverse architectural heritage;
  • And, well, OK, our ski slopes are hard to beat!

Being a land of contrast, the scenery is visually sensual just about everywhere. Age old traditions are kept alive, languages and habits differ from region to region, even village to village. And, there’s no country better organized for taking hikes. Hands down:-)

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