Nov 19 2016

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Hi, joandust and welcome to TA! Traveling in Switzerland is so user friendly that you have no need for a travel agent! You simply choose where you want to visit and then get on here for recommendations for hotels, restaurants, activities, etc. and then book your hotels! I don t know of a Swiss hotel that doesn t have a website and online reservation system. Do you have an itinerary in mind? What is the attraction of Switzerland for you? What do you like to do and see when you travel? Some folks love great hotels, great restaurants and others love museums, others architecture, others lots of history, some love the countryside, some the cities – that s the kind of information we would love to have in order to make good suggestions. Do you have any mobility issues, what is your budget range?

Many of us on here have been traveling to Swtizerland for years and most of us haven t used a travel agent at all.

The Swiss Tourism Office has a great website in English where you could start to discover all that is available to you

Start with the places you think are on you itinerary and work from there. You have plenty of time because September is not a peak season so you should be able to get your choice of hotels for at least 4 more months and very likely longer. If you don t mind a little bit of chance, you can very likely book as late as next July or August and, if you are a bit flexible, you can just show up and very likely get a room that will be to your liking though maybe not in a hotel that s top of your list.

There really are so many possibilities for a 3 week trip! You will have a great time!

Hope this helps and please do believe that this is sooooo easy to do for yourself. We re here to help.

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