Nov 19 2016

Super Greenland Market – 17 Photos – Grocery – 12715 W Warren Ave – Dearborn, MI – Reviews #cheap #flight #ticket

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“Without even trying I found dates from Saudi Arabia, dessert bars made with hazelnuts and chocolate from Poland and olives of all types from who knows where.” in 8 reviews

“and a great selection of ready-to-eat dishes you could get as a take-out order or eat in the store s small dining area.” in 5 reviews

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Came here from Maryland for the first time and i just had to stock up on halal food and cheeses and za3taar. They have so much variety and all the staff are friendly and helpful, not to mention beautiful mashallah. If you re looking for Lebanese food to buy in bulk, this is the place. I spent about 3 hours here and im still going back today!

There are some unique products and great prices. But nothing can compensate for the terrible customer service and a dirty store.

The chaos and mess in the parking lot are a good sign of what s inside.  And good luck finding a shopping cart that functions properly.

On three occasions I ve seen their employees park their vehicles right near the front and go in to start their shift. That s a reflection on management. These stores keep popping up and it appears they have the market cornered, which explains management s apathy.

Many employees are rude and poorly trained.

The food service counter has a number system in place, but it is never used. Instead, you have pushy customers with zero social skills walking up and placing their order, oblivious to the swell of people waiting in line. What s worse is the employees allow it.

I ll have to find a new source for my hummus.

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