Oct 10 2017

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StarTran Realtime Court Reporting Theory

Steno theory is your foundation. Our goal is to create an unshakable foundation that makes sense and takes you to the next level in your court reporting education.

Would you like to become a court reporter? A captioner? Do medical transcription? Be a CART provider? It all starts with your steno theory. Steno theory is the language of stenography – the foundation upon which all of your court reporting education will be built. So it only makes sense to make that foundation rock solid! StarTran Realtime Theory helps you build that foundation with structured lesson plans and personal feedback.

Structure – Your daily StarTran Theory practice is planned down to the minute. We’ve incorporated videos, audio files and other teaching aids, all designed to make your learning experience as easy and enjoyable as possible. Our 40-lesson course will lay the groundwork for speedbuilding and beyond.

Guidance – You will have a qualified instructor available every step of the way.

Value – You get 1 year of complete access to the StarTran Online Theory platform for just $1,300. We state the amount proudly, fully confident in the value we’re offering. For what some court reporting schools charge in a single month, you can COMPLETE the entire StarTran Theory program! There’s no need to find yourself in the financial aid loop. You can save thousands of dollars – even TENS of thousands of dollars – by learning StarTran Realtime Theory online, then transferring to an online speedbuilding course like SimplySteno. And PayPal Credit allows you to make your payment over the course of 6 months without penalty. Please note that even though the StarTran Online Theory is a 40-lesson course which most students complete in 6-9 months, you will have 1 year of access that can be used for review and further practice.

Quality – Utilizing a unique Seven Steps to Success method of teaching, StarTran Online will teach you the StarTran Theory – a realtime theory that allows for logical learning, personalization and condensed writing. StarTran Theory consistently gets great feedback from users, students and teachers alike. In addition, we utilize an online platform that tracks your progress and makes the best use of your valuable time. We encourage you to check out StenEd, Phoenix Theory and StenoMaster, because we’re confident you’ll come back to StarTran.

Keep in mind that at StarTran, we teach theory – ONLY theory. And because that’s all we do, we do it very well. With over 30 years of teaching experience, we know what it takes to give you a jumpstart into speedbuilding.

StarTran is one of the few court reporting theories awarded approval by the National Court Reporters Association.

I encourage you to browse the website and contact me with any questions you may have. I feel confident that StarTran Realtime Theory is the best option for your court reporting education. If you feel you’re ready to get started, please join from the Join Now page.

Marlene Struss – Creator of StarTran Realtime Theory

I LOVE STARTRAN. I love it, I love it, I love it! I would not be a court reporter today if it weren’t for StarTran! I just cannot say enough wonderful things about it! I just think it is the best, the best, best theory. out there!
Ann Gunther, StarTran Graduate

Thank you so much! The whole StarTran theory was perfect for me. I’m now working as a court reporter in California!
Trudi O’Brien, CSR

Overall, I think your theory is the best, especially the organization and teaching part of it. The order in which you teach the keys and the thoroughness that you have covered prefixes, suffixes and compound elements is superb. Thanks again for all the help and encouragement.
Rhonda Zacharias, CSR, CRR

I have found StarTran Realtime Theory to be a very well-designed, streamlined system of writing. It was easy to learn, and the Practice Habits give valuable advice and support that really helps.
Dawn Fisher, StarTran Student

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