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Southwest Airlines

Southwest Airlines Profile

Southwest Airlines was founded in 1967. and it s headquarter is in Dallas, Texas. At present it is one of the major airlines in USA. With more than 46,000 employees, Southwest is operating 3,400 flights every day. Their fleet size is 569, and they have 97 destinations in 41 countries. Southwest Airlines solely operates Boeing 737s. It makes the company the largest operator of the 737 worldwide. Southwest is also one of the safest airlines in the world.

Southwest Travel Offers

SW has offered a wide variety of packages to its customers. Their basic focus is saving customers money through low-cost services. To help ensure a wallet-friendly service, they don t charge any extra fees throughout the trip. They don t charge for your first and second checked bags. You don t need to pay for your skis or golf bags too. If somehow you need to change your upcoming flight, you aren’t required to pay any changing fees. They allow the passenger to pick any available seat once he or she enters in the recently remodelled cabins. Their seats are quite comfortable.

Southwest airlines serves the customers with free in-flight peanuts, pretzels, non-alcoholic beverages, Nabisco snacks, etc. Their customer satisfaction rating is very high and has remained positive for many years. The reports of the Dept. of Transportation say that among all U.S. airlines, Southwest has ranked number one for the lowest number of customer complaints. You really get more than you pay for.

The Company has enhanced its aircrafts with in-flight Wi-Fi internet connectivity. So you are not detached from the rest of the world when you are travelling via Southwest. Other things for in-flight entertainment are streaming live TV and video on demand. These features make every trip go by much quicker.

Other Benefits Of Southwest Airlines

Don t think that Southwest has not anything else to offer? They are always planning to create more and more opportunities and beneficial offers. The company has a frequent flyer program titled Rapid Rewards. You have to be a member to enjoy the benefits offered through Rapid Rewards, but as a member you will earn points for each travel, whereupon Southwest. Points are given according to the fare. These points don t expire, and they let you enjoy free stuff on future trips.

At the end, it is very clear that Southwest is truly one of the few customer-friendly airlines out there. It serves well to those customers who have a low budget and still offers an extremely pleasant trip. So don t waste your time in hesitation, go grab tickets for a Southwest flight. Fly with complete freedom. Happy flying!

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