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Solo Travel – Tips to Find Trips Cruises

By Lois Friedland. Adventure and Outdoor Travel Expert

Solo travel isn t the way I normally explore the world, but last summer I joined a G Adventures/Discovery Adventures trip to China. Of the seven travelers in the group, I was the only person taking the vacation without a husband, friend, relative or partner.

First, I learned that in group meals and during activities, it was easy to join the conversations. Next, I discovered that as I made friends, it was okay to ask if I could join them for dinner one night, or if they wanted to wander through a neighborhood with me during our free time

Who Are Solo Travelers

Some are single adults who have never been married, others are divorced or widowed and prefer trips where all the arrangements are made for them, so they don t have to do any planning. Some are singles actively seeking mates, so they choose meet other singles trips aimed at this goal.

One friend loves to hike in such remote places as Tibet but her husband would rather play golf, so she joins trips planned by such groups as the Colorado Mountain Club. Yet another friend loves to simply take off for weeks at a time to visit exotic countries in Africa and explore on her own.

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She often includes time volunteering on local projects. She is a perfect example of how adventure travel is a high for solo travelers.

Do You Have To Pay a Single Supplement?

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