Sep 13 2017

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For customers who would like to purchase our products, we are pleased to announce the establishment of SOHO-PBX Online Store. Please visit the link below:-

Voice Mail Boxes function is now integrated in our newly developed Digital PBX model SP-415D. Please visit our online store for more details.

A Home or Soho PBX system can answer telephone calls, make internal or outgoing phone calls, provide recorded greeting messages, allow 3-way conference, and transfer calls easily.

We aim to introduce affortable PBX systems for home or small business users. We have models equiped with 1/2/4 exchange lines and 4/8/16/32 extensions.

We supply to the 110V and 220V-240V AC countries.

The photos below are model SP-104, a model that costs only tens of US dollars, suitable for home wiring, is equiping with one exchange line and four extensions.

Features Highlight of our SP series PBXs:

1. Direct outside line access

Outside line can be accessed by dialing the number directly.

2. Two second delayed outside line release

No re-queuing is necessary on busy signal and misdial disconnects because other extensions are prevented from accessing the outside line for two seconds.

3. Automated attendant

Greet callers with a self recorded message (8 seconds) and connect callers to the appropriate extensions.

4. Attendant call selection

Incoming calls can be transferred to a programmed extension on duty or cascaded to other extensions.

5. Call hold, transfer

Incoming calls can be put on hold and transferred from any extension without any limit even on misdials.

6. Three-way conference call

Incoming calls can be connected with another extension for conferencing.

7. Hotline ring down

When an incoming call is transferred to another extension, it will cascade to the next extension in line (with the exception of the ones with the �do not disturb’ on) if it is not answered within 6 seconds.

8. Intercom call

Make internal calls from any extension.

9. Facsimile connection

Any extension can receive facsimiles.

10. Incoming call alert

Engaged extensions will receive a special tone alerting both parties when there is an incoming call.

11. Privacy blockage

Other extensions are blocked from listening-in.

12. Toll restriction scheme

Long-distance dialing can be disabled on any extension.

13. Forced disconnect

All outgoing calls can be programmed to disconnect after a programmable delay (maximum 24 minutes).

14. Assisted dialing

Outgoing calls can be made from any extension and then transferred to another once it is connected or it can be connected for three way conference call.

15. Incoming call assignment

Any extension can be programmed to take internal calls only.

16. Power failure call processing

During a power failure extension #1 connects directly to the outside line by default.

17. Do not disturb

Extension with �do not disturb’ turned on will not ring and the call will be transferred to another extension.

18. Attendant group

Incoming calls reaching the attendant group extensions (without the �do not disturb’ turned on) will ring.

19. Automated or live attendant option

Incoming calls can be answered by a real person or programmed to be answered by automated attendant.

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