Mar 29 2018

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Jakarta: when the going gets tough, the bikes get going

Budget travel magazine

Uncommonly clear skies looking past the iconic blue-tip 262m BNI City Tower also known as Wisma 46 on Sudirman avenue. The tower has been a landmark since 1996. Much of Jakarta remains low-rise with red-tile roofs.

Why Sanya means the world to us

Miss World and more at a string of new resorts

Budget travel magazine

2017 Best in Travel winners

Asia’s best airlines, and hotels. See Winners album

Budget travel magazine

Budget travel magazine

Wet and wild Vietnam beach resorts + a few healthy golf greens on the side

Singapore hotels and boutique beds

Colonial Colombo for pin-stripers

Hello, any humans here?

Budget travel magazineDo guests expect to meet the hotel general manager and is this considered a simple civility any more? We ran a snap poll to find out. Meanwhile the efficiency obsessed Henn-na properties in Nagasaki and Tokyo do away with humans, replacing them with humanoid robots – and even borderline psychotic velociraptors

Budget travel magazine

Frequent flyer ire: CX ups points

Plumbing the mysteries of Angkor

Phnom Penh, a detailed Asian cruises review, wickedly good Tioman dives, an insightful Sabah fun guide to jungle adventure plus breathless Himalayan treks in Ladakh and Nepal treks around Annapurna. Plus Bhutan fun guide.

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