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Cheap Flights to New York City

New York City

The United States most populated metropolis is by all accounts a global power city, one that has considerable influence on the national economy. New York City is a central hub for a wide array of industries, including fashion, media, entertainment, technology, research, and education.

NYC is home to the United Nations headquarters, the New York Stock Exchange, and Times Square. Every year, millions of tourists visit the city for its legendary sights and attractions. New York City is subdivided into five distinct boroughs (Manhattan, Queens, Brooklyn, the Bronx, and Staten Island), each of which has a distinguished history and unique cultural influence in the city.

Flights to New York City

Given the Center of the Universe s size and scope, there are many regional and international airports available to tourists. John F. Kennedy International is the city s largest, commanding an annual passenger base of over 51,000,000.

Located in Queens, it is the busiest international air traffic gateway in the United States, and of the busiest for North American flights. LaGuardia is the second largest airport in the state, and combined with New Jersey s Newark Liberty, this trio is represents the biggest airport system on the planet.

Direct flights to New York City can be booked through JetBlue, American Airlines, Delta (John F. Kennedy Airport is a major hub for these three airlines), US Airways, Southwest Airlines, Virgin America, and United. A full range of international carriers fly nonstop to the city, including British Airways, AirTran, Copa, ANA, Qantas, Icelandair, and Air France.

What to Do in NYC

One vacation is not enough time to see the ins and outs of New York City, but there are a few attractions every tourist should have on their itinerary. Go for a stroll around the famous Central Park before heading into Times Square for a night out on the town! While there, watch a live performance at The Metropolitan Opera, Jersey Boys, Les Miserables, The Phantom of The Opera, or Broadway. The food and drink scene is always bustling in NYC, so feel free to choose from hundreds of local favorites!

Advice for Tourists Visiting NYC

Hotel accommodations range from affordable to ultra-extravagant, depending on where in the city you stay. Use the taxi and bus system network when traveling, as driving a car means battling NYC s intimidating traffic. Street crime is common in New York City, so be careful when touring at night.

Skyscanner wants the time you spend in The Big Apple to be memorable, which is why we want to help you find the best rate on hotel accommodations in the City. Use our free online hotel price comparison tool to scope out a deal on a room. It is far too easy to go on a shopping craze in this sprawling metropolis, so you may as well put your tourist dollars to good use!

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