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If your children traveling alone do not worry, because we have an escort service to minors, providing them assistance and care for them throughout the process. To access must pay an additional fee and consider:

  • This service is for children aged 5 to 12 years.
  • You must complete the form Unaccompanied Minor (View Help desk).
  • The child must be in optimal health.
  • The child must present identify card or valid passport.
  • They will not be able to travel on flight with
  • The seat will be assigned directly at the airport
  • Important is to know that there is a maximum of unaccompanied minors per flight.

Traveling with a infant?

If you are traveling with children under two years considered:

  • You should take it sitting on your lap.
  • If you want to travel in a seat, you must buy a ticket and must travel in car seat certified by the FAA. (INCLUDE LOGO CERTIFICATION)
  • The smaller bag you carry on board is considered as part of your baggage, and must comply with established dimensions.
  • You can take a car and deliver it on the counter or the aircraft door at no additional cost
  • If you want to keep hold baggage, remember to buy in advance
  • If traveling with two children under two years, you must travel with someone sitting on your legs and buy a ticket to the other, which must travel in car seat certified by the FAA.
  • If traveling with a newborn between 1 and 7 days old, you will need medical clearance. If traveling with the mother, it must also submit a medical certificate.
  • Age applies on the date of origin and end of the journey, not the date of purchase of the ticket.
  • If the child turns 2 years old during the trip, you can travel with you sharing your seat in the back and buy your seat for the return.

Traveling with a pet?

With SKY you can take your dog or cat on board, if it meets the requirements and there is availability on the flight:

  • Take your dog or cat on board the aircraft, paying an additional cost.
  • We remind you that to take your pet on board, check in must be done at the airport.
  • Should be packed in a soft kennel weighting less than 6 kg, kennel included.
  • There is a maximum of 2 pets in cabin per flight
  • Your pet must have a vet medical certification for travelling.

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