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Our best selling group tours for single travellers:

Adventure travel for solo travellers

You don’t need to travel with a partner, spouse or friend to join a group adventure… in fact around half of our passengers are solo travellers. Our exciting group adventures offer single travellers a unique holiday experience and the perfect opportunity to meet like-minded people and forge friendships that will last long after you finish travelling.

One of the highlights of genuine travel adventure is the people you meet and travel with as you discover amazing new countries and cultures. Imagine trekking through Inca ruins in the mountains of South America, exploring the souks and archaeological treasures of Jordan or watching a lioness stalk her prey on the Serengeti plains. Then imagine sharing those experiences with like-minded people in a relaxed group environment. That’s our version of adventure travel.

Save money with group travel

One of the great things about travelling in a group is the opportunity to save money. We do not charge a compulsory single supplement on 99% of our tours meaning you can share a room with another passenger of the same gender. On our Overland Tours and Adventure Tours. there are often a lot of included excursions which would be more expensive if you were to arrange them as an individual. There is usually a mix of included activities and time to do your own thing. When there is free time, travelling with others means you can often get a better group deal on optional excursions as well.

Share your experience

Travel is about discovery and one of the most rewarding parts of travelling solo is the chance to go out and see the world in your own unique way. On a Group Tour you have the flexibility to do this, while still having someone to share meals with and compare photos at the end of the day. Often you’re so excited with what you’ve seen and done you’re just dying to tell someone.

The beauty of joining a Group Tour as a single traveller is you will be sharing genuine travel experiences – be it sipping tea in the backstreets of Beijing’s hutongs. or feeding cheetahs in Namibia – with people who want to encounter the world in a similar way.

Adventure travel can throw all sorts of exciting and potentially challenging situations your way and as a group you will experience them together. Many of the experiences will be unlike anything you are used to at home and sharing them as a group often creates a real sense of camaraderie. Connections are often made deeper and faster than they might be in your everyday life and people on tour often feel as though they’ve known each other for years after just a few days! There is the chance you will meet lifelong friends on tour and stay in touch long after the farewell dinner.

Have time for yourself

Group travel does not equal no time to yourself. We endeavour to build enough free time in to tours so that you can have your own adventures, as well as share them with the group. Some people will use that free time to explore an area with new friends, others might prefer to go off on their own and see a place by themselves. It is your choice.

On our Adventure Tours you have the option of upgrading to a single room, if you would prefer not to have a room mate.

Your fellow travellers

Your fellow travellers will come from all walks of life and from all parts of the globe and can be aged anywhere from 18 to 60, depending what travel style you are on (our Budget Expeditions are aimed at under 35-year-olds). There may be some who are couples, but many more will be single travellers, so either way it is guaranteed that you’ll meet a number of like-minded people and even maybe form some lifelong friendships.

On average groups can be anywhere from four to 15 clients, but again this depends on the travel style with a maximum usually of between 16 and 34.

Many of our adventures form part of a modular system; therefore group numbers can change at different times. This provides another great opportunity to meet an even more diverse range of people!

Meeting locals

The people you meet are not just those on tour with you. Travelling as part of a group offers all manner of opportunities to involve yourself in the local culture and catch a glimpse into worlds usually closed to outsiders. Tour leaders will often help arrange for you to get involved with communities such as visiting a pygmy village in Uganda or staying with local families in Cuba.

Finding your tour style

We have various tour styles available, all of which attract a large number of solo travellers. Below you will see a summary of our travel styles to help you pick the right style for you.

Adventure Tours

  • Europe, Central America, South America, Asia and Russia
  • Uses varied local transport
  • 2-3 star hotels and unique accommodation
  • Group size generally 8-12
  • South America and Asia
  • Aimed at 18-35s
  • Uses overland trucks in South America and local transport in Asia
  • economical accommodation and camping

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