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travel guide books

Travel guide books

Travel guide books

Travel guide books Come to Sicily!

It’s more than an is land! Dis cover Si cily and dis cover the world. The world’s first multi cul tur al soci ety, our is land is Italy’s (and Eu rope’s) most his tori cal ly cos mo poli tan re gion, having been ruled by Asians, Afri cans and Eu ropeans. Sicily is black and white and a mil lion shades of gray. There’s no other place on Earth like it. Visit ing Sicily is like visit ing over a dozen coun tries in one! Our is land is a unique place full of art, ar cheo lo gy, his tory, folk lore and breath taking scenery. And, of course, great food.

Travel guide booksThe en chant ing land where Archi medes taught and Saint Paul preached was a Greek colo ny, a Roman prov ince, an Arab emirate and a Norman king dom. The Phoe ni cians, Car thagin ians, Swabians, Angevins, Aragonese and Jews made this unique island their own, leaving behind an eclectic history that you can still touch today. And Sicily will touch you. Sicily is Eu rope, Afri ca and Asia on one island. Greek tyrants, Arab emirs, Nor man knights, Byzan tine bishops and Holy Roman Emperors made it the place it is. Ex perience their eternal legacy in Phoe nician set tlements, Punic cities, Greek temples, Roman amphi theatres, Norman-Arab castles and Aragonese churches. Thirty cen turies of his tory expres sed in the Clas sical, the Roman esque, the Gothic, the Baroque.

Travel guide booksSikania to its most an cient peo ples, our island was Sikelia, Plato’s uto pian soci ety, to the ancient Greeks. Later, the son net was created at the Court of Frederick II, and the Si cilian language claimed its place in the lit era ture of Dante and Boccac cio. Sunny Si cily is Punic Palermo, towering Taormina, ancient Agrigento, splendid Siracusa, and medieval Mon reale and Cefal .

And God created Sicily. The place where the moun tains meet the sea. Si cilia,the is land in the sun, is home to Heavenly beaches, majestic mountains and Europe’s greatest natural won der, Mount Etna. Sicily’s coasts are gold with orange and lemon orchards. Each scenic region offers some thing dif ferent. In north eastern Sicily’s Nebrodi Moun tains you’ll find un expected ly lush forests. In the central regions you’ll en counter rugged land and rol ling hills. Dignified vine yards, ancient olive groves, hardy almond orchards and end less wheat fields complete the picture. Sum mer is amber land under a sky of blue. Winter finds palm trees dusted with snow in a surreal symphony. Spring is a rain bow of wild flowers set against greenest fields.

Travel guide booksIf you could choose just one place to visit where you could wit ness every thing from the cul ture of Hel lenic antiquity to the glories of the Mid dle Ages and the won ders of the Renais sance, shaped by a dozen civiliza tions, Si cily would be that place. And this web site would be a good starting point.

Is Sicily Italy? Yes, our island is Italian. And French and Spanish and Greek, with a few German and Arab nuances in its cul tural mix. It is the world’s is land. A place where time and tradi tion have been forged by peoples and faiths from the north and south, from the east and west. Beauty in diver sity: Europe, Africa and Asia in one magical moment.

Bedda, the Sicilian word for beautiful, is the way we Sicilians describe this place.

You won’t be the first guest to enjoy Si cilian hospitality. Cicero, Saint Louis, Richard Lionheart and Eleanor of Aquitaine have already tested the waters for you. Yes, our island has been ex tending hospi tality to first-time visitors for three thou sand years. You can be one of them.

Travel guide booksWe like to think that if the inter net existed in Cicero’s time he would have visited this site before com ing to the is land. You won’t need papy rus or a Roman courier, just a touch screen (we’re tablet-friend ly), key board or mouse. We’ll take care of the rest.

A world unto itself, this island, in all its com plexities, is a land like no other.

In Sicily tourism (a word we don’t like too much) isn’t just sight seeing. It’s an en tire cul ture.

Come visit our sunny island. We’ve been expecting you for three thou sand years!

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