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SDSC Names Christopher Irving Manager of HPC Systems SDSC Veteran to Manage Comet Supercomputer s Performance Learn More

  • Losing Sleep Over Climate Change Climate change may keep you awake and not just metaphorically. Nights that are warmer than normal can harm human sleep. Learn More

  • SDSC s Comet Helps Replicate Brain Circuitry to Direct a Realistic Prosthetic Arm By applying a novel computer algorithm to mimic how the brain learns, a team of researchers has identified and replicated neural circuitry that resembles the way an unimpaired brain controls limb movement Learn More

  • SDSC to Double Comet Supercomputer s Graphic Processor Count Comet will be the largest provider of GPU resources available to XSEDE, a national partnership that provides academic researchers with the most advanced collection of digital resources and services in the world Learn More

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