Oct 2 2017

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Putting You Back In Control Of Your Security

Installing your Security System in the right areas of your home can further maximise your protection. This can be the difference between preventing a burglary and having a break in. We also recognise the value of protecting our families with smoke sensors – these can be integrated into your system. But we go further than that with Home Automation. Touchscreen Keypads or Remotes. Plus Installing added CCTV Cameras around your property can further increase that Peace of Mind for you, making it stylish and convenient for easy living. These are just some of the few benefits available to our customers.

Real Advice From Experts – Not Salesmen

We understand that many people will be thinking about a security system shortly after a traumatic break in or burglary. That s why we never send salesmen to sell you alarms, you talk to a qualified security expert who can give you real help to protect your property.

Make It Obvious You Have A Security System

In some instances a simple security sticker is enough to ward of burglars. In most cases in the Auckland area an external security light (recommended by NZ Police) and sensors will show burglars that your home will be no easy pickings. Your chosen security system should be obvious.

Make A Family Security Plan

Our security system experts can help identify areas where you are vulnerable but there are a few things that you can plan as a family to be more safe secure. Things like recording serial numbers unique details of your high value goods for operation SNAP

Make Sure The Whole Family Understands Security

All of our Security systems are designed to be convenient and simple as possible. It is important that children understand your Security alarm and the importance of locking doors windows.

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