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Need to organize and manage your REO flow? Manage REO Property with Ease

Banks use sophisticated software programs to manage their REO portfolios and Real Estate agents should do the same. Other REO platforms offer management that ensures the banks tasks are completed but those are just a few of the tasks that a real estate agent is responsible for.

As an agent, you know the importance of being well organized in order to handle everything the banks require from you. Our reo software for brokers offers a simple and effective way to organize and manage your REO assignments. It is designed to help you gather, assign and distribute the needed information among your team so you complete your REO tasks in the most efficient manner possible.

  • Manage weekly occupancy inspections
  • Manage HOA information
  • Prepare BPO’s
  • Follow up with vendors
  • Track expenses
  • Distribute tasks to other team members
  • Prepare contract packages
  • Coordinate closing with escrow
  • Preserve the property
  • Single or multi user options
  • Custom task assignments with daily reminders
  • Track and manage multiple properties
  • Web Based; work from any internet location
  • 1. Ability to have all combo lockbox codes in one easy to access place.
  • 2. Conversation log is awsome! Allows our team to track all activity, conversations and quickly email the log to a 3rd party if needed.
  • 3. Easy task scheduler with auto task tool with daily reminder.

The design of this REO Management Tool is simple, the function is our primary focus right now. It’s easy to design a really nice looking application,
it’s hard to make it work effectively for real estate agents. We prefer to make the application work really effectively, the design will come later.

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