Dec 5 2017

Portland Industrial – Travel Clinic – Doctors – Alphabet District – Portland, OR – Reviews #travel #nursing

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Recommended Reviews for Portland Industrial Travel Clinic

I had such a great experience here. Although the building is a little strange (and lit like a bad 70s porno), and some of their opperations are a bit confusing (like their hours!) If you call ahead you can usually get in within an hour after youve called.  Dr. Torres OBVIOUSLY cares about you, your trip and your health. He has travelled the world, and as an old man, now lives through his patients.

Read this article from the local paper (Willamate Weekly). He is featured as the best place to get shot…

Pros: Cheap!

Cons: Walk-in only, limited hours

I needed a TB test done for school, and this place has by far the most reasonable rates in town – most clinics insist on charging you an office fee when you come in for a TB test (hello, zoomcare), which seems ridiculous to me. Even the Multnomah County Health Clinic charges $45 (unless you re high-risk, in which case you can get it done for free at the county TB clinic). Dr. Torres charges $15 flat.

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