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Location: South Coast of Peru

Peru Travel Guide in Go2Peru offers all manner of tourist information on Peru. There are maps and photo galleries. as well as information about protected natural areas and World Heritage Sites. Also offers all you need to experience the magic of Peru .

Browse for ideas and travel providers by activity or destination, and let Go2Peru lead you to visit to Machu Picchu, Nazca Lines. Colca Valley. the pristine Amazon rainforest, take contact with Andean Indians in Pisac and enjoy the famous Peruvian gastronomy.


The official language of Peru is the Spanish, and in the areas where prevail are also the Quechua, Aymara and other aboriginal languages. English is a language that many people linked to the tourism sector dominate, and the tourist operators dominate other foreign languages, as German, French, Italian, Japanese, etc.

As part of its rich cultural tradition, Peru features many different languages. Although Spanish is commonly spoken across the country, Quechua is a major legacy of the Inca empire, and is still spoken with regional dialects in many parts of Peru.

In addition, other languages are spoken such as Aymara (in Puno) and a startling variety of dialects in the Amazon jungle, which are divided up into 15 linguistic families and 43 different languages.

  • Spanish: 80,3%
  • Quechua: 16,2%
  • Other languages: 3,0%
  • Foreign languages: 0,2%


The hour in Peru is -5 GMT (UT)

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