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Restaurant Report: Isolina in Lima

The restaurant, a stylish tavern in Barranco that opened in January, aims for authenticity.

36 Hours in Lima, Peru

Lima’s attractions include a rich pre-Columbian heritage, ethnic diversity, and emerging art and fashion scenes, along with remarkably great food.

Pink Dolphins and Sunsets Along the Amazon

Skiff excursions and jungle walks, hot showers and cold drinks are all part of a luxury river cruise.

Traveling From Ocean to Ocean Across South America

The new highway that crosses Brazil and Peru is transformative — both for the villages it now connects and for the travelers who make the journey.

Hotel Review: Arts Boutique Hotel B in Lima, Peru

This property, which opened in July, is like a trip back to the Peru of the 1920s — complete with striking artwork, stellar service and romantic interiors.

Iquitos, Peru: Wet and Wild

From sinkholes and snake oil to echoes of Eiffel and Herzog, the surreal is simply real in the “Capital of the Amazon” — and you don’t even need a local hallucinogen to experience it.

Latin America Lodging, From Panama to Peru

Go hotel hopping on this five-country tour of notable new properties in the region.

Restaurant Report: Ámaz in Lima, Peru

At the capital’s first serious Amazonian restaurant, the adventure begins the moment the menu is delivered.

Into Thin Air, True Believers

High in the Andes, a Peruvian festival combines worship of mountain gods, the earth mother and Jesus.

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