Feb 16 2019

Online MBA Programs

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College of Business
Master’s Programs

Online Master’s Degree Programs in Business:

WGU Texas offers three online MBA programs: an MBA with a focus on leadership and strategy, an MBA in Information Technology Management, and an MBA in Healthcare Management. WGU Texas also offers an online master’s in management and leadership, one in integrated healthcare management and one in accounting. Designed for experienced business professionals with real-world experience, these online master’s in business programs will give graduates a leg up on the competition.

Online MBA and MS Degree Programs

Explore the online master’s in business degrees offered at WGU Texas:

M.S. Data Analytics (from the College of Information Technology)

Competence and credibility are king in business. Advancement often depends on both. WGU Texas’ online business master’s degree programs are designed specifically for experienced business professionals and managers like you who are seeking upward mobility. These programs will equip you with superior business and management skills and prepare you for greater success.

The Online MBA That Gives You Competence and Credibility

WGU Texas’ online business programs are highly respected among employers—largely because the programs were developed with support and guidance from experts and business leaders serving on our Business Program Council. WGU Texas’ accredited management programs are challenging and relevant to the demands of business leaders.

Our competency-based approach to education is also an ideal match for experienced business professionals with extensive real-world experience. At WGU Texas, you earn your degree by demonstrating skills and knowledge in subject areas through a series of assessments. If you already possess these competencies, you can complete your assessments quicker. With the guidance of your mentor, you’ll be able to earn your master’s in business online, on your schedule, and on your budget.

Why We’re Different

WGU has an innovative learning model for helping working adults earn bachelor’s and master’s degrees. Learn more about how it can help you.

Featured News

Find out why Fast Company calls WGU one of the world’s 50 most innovative companies, CNN says we’re “a school without boundaries,” and major news outlets from NPR to Bloomberg BusinessWeek are touting WGU’s “potential to transform the higher education industry.”

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