Mar 18 2019

Nursing Resume Templates

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Nursing Resume Templates, NEF6.COM

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Nursing Resume Templates | Free Resume Templates for Nurses | How to Create a Resume for RN

Looking for free nursing resume templates. Before nurses can secure their nursing jobs. they must go through the application period. This includes creating a resume. submitting a nursing portfolio, and going through the interview process. Nursing jobs are highly competitive, especially certain specialty areas such as OB GYN and Pediatrics fields. So it is very important that when creating a resume that the nurse creates a resume that will stand out and grab the employers attention.

How to Create a Resume for Nursing Students and Nurses

The first thing that needs to be done is to select a resume template. You can create your own through programs such as Word or you can find free resume templates online (like the free nurse resume templates below). When selecting a resume template make sure they are neat and organized. Avoid nurse resume templates that are cluttered.

Think of the resume as an advertisement to the customer (which is the employer) that will lure them in to set-up an interview with you. The resume is a short one piece of piece (no more than two) that gives the employer a short summary of your education, certifications, skills, and achievements.

Try not to confuse the resume with a nurse portfolio. A nurse portfolio is a collection of the supporting documents that supports your resume. For more information on nurse portfolio check out our article on it.

Free Resume Templates for Nurses

These rn resume templates are free for you to use. They were developed by us and you can use them as you please. They are in Microsoft Word .doc format. If you do not have Microsoft Word you can use the FREE open source software known as OpenOffice via It is completely free!

Once you have downloaded the templates you can edit them and add your own content. Be sure to let you friends on facebook know about these free resume templates!

To download the resume template simply click the picture of the template you like and click open:

Get 10 Premium Nursing Resume Templates Cover Letters

Want to really have an awesome resume that stands out to employers? Check out our Premium Nursing Resume Templates with matching cover letters below. You will get 10 premium resume templates with matching cover letters and the eBook Nurse Resume: A Job Guide for Nurses by S.L. Page BSN, RN for only $3.99. Each template is in Microsoft .docx format. Each resume template matching cover letter was uniquely designed for the nursing profession. You will only find these designs are

Here are the sample resume templates matching cover letters you will receive:

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Nursing Resume Video

Categories to Included in Your Resume

When creating a resume you can include many different categories. Remember that everyone s resume will be a little different because people have had different experiences. For example, some people have had more educational experience than others and in their resume they should elaborate more on that area.

If you are not in any professional clubs substitute another category to replace it. For example, if you have great references, list them in that place or any volunteer work you have done.

Here are some categories you can include in your resume:

Need Help Finding a Job or Preparing a Resume?

Are you about to graduate from nursing school and need help with the job search process? Or maybe you already work as a nurse, and you d like some stunning resume templates and a short guide to help you make the most of your job search. If so, you ll want to check out this new guide by S.L. Page titled, Nursing Resume: A Job Guide for Nurses .

This short eBook is designed to guide you through the job search process, and gives tips on everything from creating a resume, how to conduct yourself in an interview, how to resign your current job, and more.

You ll even receive some beautifully designed resume and cover letters. Click the eBook to learn more.

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