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No1 Traveller Lounge

Having booked yet another flight to Thailand next month, I was quite pleased to find an email offering gift vouchers for No1 Traveller Lounges with a glass of Champagne for only £20!

After all the years of travelling, it was only this year that we first discovered, and made use of, the No1 Traveller Lounge at Heathrow.  As members of the virgin atlantic flying club, we were able to purchase access only for £22.50, a saving of £7.50.  In reality though, we saved much more than we would have spent in the airport.  We spent two and a half hours in comfort, with plenty to eat, and we didn t go thirsty.  Whist we didn t have a proper meal , we did enjoy a dish from their small tapas range, and made ourselves a cheese board from the snack counter, which was beautifully paired with a few glasses of wine, as we sat reading complimentary magazines, in a relatively quite, and wonderfully relaxed environment.

Enjoying No1 Traveller Lounge, Heathrow Airport

Having checked that there was a lounge at Gatwick (there is in fact one at each terminal) I have duly purchased access for two, which will be sent as a gift voucher, valid for one year dated the 1st January 2015.    At £20 (saving up to £17.50) and with a glass of champagne too, I can t think of a better way to begin our next adventure (which at the moment looks like it may be Koh Lanta, and another trip to Plaza Athenee. at least to sample their Seafood buffet, which is still on my bucket list )

If your planning a trip soon, or already have flights booked for 2015, have a look at the No1 Traveller website for information on their lounges and if you book by 19th December 2014, you to could be sipping on a glass of champagne, waiting for your flight and looking forward to your next adventure, for only £20!

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