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Night Life Yerevan: Bars – Discos – Clubs

You can get liquor at almost any cafe, restaurant and even some bistros, so if its a drink you want, you’ll find plenty of places at which to enjoy it. But sweaty humping while swilling still are reserved for the disco lands, and just like cafes, they compete for bragging rights. A selective list in Yerevan.

Bars are more of a winter phenomenon, places where locals go to escape the bitter cold. In the summer, outdoor cafes are the real venues, but bars can let you beat the heat in air-conditioned venues. The more popular this year:

Believe it or not, the karioke feeling has swept through Yerevan, with reservations REQUIRED for entry to the two venues:

Karioke 534 455

Amirian St. just below Mashtots

500 AMD per song, drinks 500-1000 AMD for most. Reservations required.

Sign says closed for renovation, but locals say it is still open–go figure: Next to Peppino Pizza on Mashtots between (Pushkin and Amirian)

500 AMD per song, drinks 500-1000 AMD. Reservations required.

Khandjian by 2×2

Isahakian Park between Mashtots and Terian

Infamous for the murder of a Georgian Armenian by Presidential bodyguards in the men’s toilets, features jazz music and 400 -500 AMD beer.

Abovian just above Sayat Nova, near Artbridge.

Outdoor bar with metal sculpture bar is sidewalk only. The drop-dead cool inside bar-cafe has closed. 250 AMD+.

Kochar Street (just up from the Hayastan Market, near Komitas)

Three floor “theme” restaurant and club, featuring a tropical room and Jazz Hall. Kitsch like only Armenians can make it. 250 AMD+ for beerm, 1000 AMD+ for food. Can be expensive.

opposite Luxor on Sayat Nova/Khandjian

restaurant and bar, interior has aquariums. 400-500 AMD

Mashtots and Moskovian

Complex includes two bars and a small movie house (English language movies at 10 pm).

Underground 566 180

Basement of Kino Nairi, includes cabaret style shows, 500 AMD +

Kino Nairi. Waiters dress as characters from the film, 500 AMD+

Sayat Nova and Khandjian

Khandjian and Sayat Nova

400-500 AMD ice cream $4-5.

Paradise (Russian RAI)

19 Koriun Street

Baghramian opposite Buffet

Tumanian and Sarian (by Tumanian house Museum)

Good beer in pub setting, 400 AMD+

Not as good as others.

off of Tumanian (Koghby) opposite Opera Square.

Kooky western atmosphere includes cowboy outfits, a piano and lights shot through with bullets and 400-500+ AMD drinks.

Wheel Club 53-28-68

15 Parpetsi St. (Gukasian/Pushkin, close to Zoravar Church)

British built pub for expats: “Home away from home”

There is a distinctly Soviet tradition of decadence that rules many night clubs, with erotic or semi-erotic shows at many venues. The younger, trendier ones are full-blown western experiences. Venues can get rowdy, so be more careful here then you would elsewhere.

The prices are roughly the same, entrance is between 1500-2000 AMD, women get in free on certain nights, and drinks run about 400-500 AMD for beers up to 1000-1500 AMD for hard drinks.

Khandjian St, by Tekeyan Center.

Still the most popular disco in town, three floors of entertainment and bump and grind. 1st floor is a bar, 2nd a restaurant (1000AMD +) basement has disco. 1500 AMD entry, women enter free on certain nights. Drinks: tequila 1000 AMD, Beer 500-600 AMD.

Allen and Ellen

The blue building opposite Hotel Yerevan, Abovian St.

A favorite of the expat community, there are two dance floors, one for teenagers (500 AMD entry, open to midnight). The main dance floor fills to capacity on weekends, operates until 3 am. Entry fee is 2500 AMD, women enter free on certain nights. Building includes billiards (2000 AMD), gym/swimming ($30/mo.).

Alec Manukian on the River Getar (by Yerevan St. U)

Sitting over the rive, the building features a waterfall running over the front of the building. Lively on weekends, and handy to the Cafes on Khandjian. 1500 AMD entry, drinks comparable to 2×2.

Next to Opera, cavernous 750 sm hall in basement. Room to express thyself and rock thy soul. The dance hall for 2003.

Vazgen Sarkisian St., near republic Square

Cafe, restaurant and gay disco. If you don’t look the part, you’ll be bounced by the beefy man in a suit at the door, and no, he’s just into rough foreplay, his fist is for real. Loads of after hours action in the side street. This is as publicly decadent as Armenia gets.

Sargisian (Bangladesh) St. just off of Leningradian and Shiraz (Ashtarak Rd.) roads, big building with steps leading to the entrance.

The disco is away from center, not as popular as it once was, but the venue is large with pounding music and night shows. Food, games, bar. Entry varies, some nights women free, men always charged. Entry 1500 AMD, drinks 500-1000 AMD.

Follow signs once at the lake. Can’t miss.

The in place this year, beach, outdoor disco, restaurant, bar, cafe.

Entry is free, everything else is charged. Beers 250 AMD, sandwiches 600+ AMD, our group of three had dinner, drinks, snacks and coffee during day for total of $20.

Isahakian Park between Mashtots and Terian

Infamous for the murder of a Georgian Armenian by Presidential bodyguards in the men’s toilets, features jazz music and 400 -500 AMD beer.

Sayat Nova and Terian (opposite Edelweiss shop)

1000 AMD per table, 400-500+ AMD for drinks

End of Tumanian at Khandjian

Huge cafe with wooden pavilions and massive wooden indoor space. Occasional live jazz performances, mostly pop videos.

If bars and cafes are not enough, try some jazz or a little risquй movement at a night club. Omega ***

Terian between Sayat Nova and Moskovian

Highly recommended night club, until lat enight the shows feature cabaret acts, afterwards, strip tease, erotic dancing.

3500 AMD entry, expensive drinks and food.

Club Nichka (Strawberry)

1500 AMD +/- entry, middle priced fare

3500 AMD +/- entry, expensive fare

erotic dancing and strip tease

Pioneer 581 819

2 Baghramian St, (opposite Buffet)

Evening shows feature some of Armenia’s hottest entertainers. Erotic show after midnight. Girls and boys for hire afterwards

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