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Maryland Announces New Software Designations and e-File Amended Returns

As of January 1, 2014, the Comptroller of Maryland made a significant change in the software approval process for Maryland MeF. Maryland legislation has mandated that in order for a business credit to be considered for approval, the Maryland tax return and required supporting documentation must be submitted electronically. The Comptroller of Maryland has designated e-File Software Vendors’ Maryland products as either Basic or Comprehensive (see Tax Alert ). This will apply to both business and individual income tax software packages. These designations will help taxpayers and tax professionals determine which software will best fit their needs.

Software packages designated as Comprehensive will support all electronic forms, including Form 500CR, Amended Returns and binary attachments (PDFs). The Basic designation will support, at minimum, Form 502 and W-2 for Individual and Forms 500 and 510 for Business and will include any software supporting less than all electronic forms.

We have also separated the list of approved e-File software vendors into two lists, one for individuals and one for businesses.

What’s New for the 2016 Tax Filing Season for Tax Professionals

To help make filing your 2016 taxes easier check out What’s New for the 2016 Tax Filing Season .

The new Maryland Power of Attorney Forms are now available .

Business Withholding Responsibilities

Employers are responsible for ensuring that tax returns are filed and deposits and payments are made, even if the employer contracts with a third party to perform these acts. The employer remains responsible if the third party fails to perform any required action. If the third party fails to make the tax payments, the Comptroller may assess penalties and interest on the employer�s account. The employer is liable for all taxes, penalties and interest due. The employer may also be held personally liable for certain unpaid taxes. To verify that the appropriate returns have been filed and payments have been made, you may contact the Comptroller�s Office at 410-260-7980 from Central Maryland or 1-800-MD TAXES from elsewhere.

Wynne Case

The United States Supreme Court has reached a decision in the Wynne case. The Comptroller’s Office has provided a list of Frequently Asked Questions for taxpayers. The FAQs will be updated as additional information becomes available. Please check back frequently.

The Important Information for IFTA – State of Maryland Carriers
  • For the 2016 decal year, the Comptroller of Maryland will not automatically renew Licenses and Decals. Instead Carriers will have the option to renew online or by paper renewals forms. For more information on the renewal process click on Important information for IFTA Licenses .
  • The Maryland IFTA system, known as the Explore system uses the latest encryption and security technologies to provide for full electronic filing of returns and payments through common web browsers to the State of Maryland. Anyone with Internet access and proper authorization can file an IFTA return, make a payment and request decals electronically though our new IFTA system .
  • Important information for IFTA Licenses

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